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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Latino writer Darío Aguilar Peregrina shares his creative writing process and the inspiration behind his stories.

Darío Aguilar Peregrina on The Table Read

Written by Darío Aguilar Peregrina

I started writing as a kid loving different movies of diverse genres such as Atlantis, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, The Day After Tomorrow, Cadet Kelly and even more from a famous Mexican comedian named Cantinflas and also a Cuban movie called Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate).

My Creative Writing Process

Latin Dancin by Darío Aguilar Peregrina on The Table Read
Latin Dancin

When I write a story, I usually picture it as a movie I would like to see, so normally I put emphasis in the world building and also the characters, as people can remember them easily and the story can make sense.

After that, I fill the spaces while picturing what the characters are going to do and also create dialogue for each of them.

Usually, I write 3-4 pages a day while editing at the same time, since I carefully plan all the story I want to tell.

Sometimes, I try to left things out so I can have a theme in the next novel and then create new things while writing.

What Inspires My Stories

My Mexican-latino roots are always a big part of my stories since I want to showcase the richness of our culture while also mixing this with my love for American, Japanese and English things I loved as a kid-teenager, like football, music and the language.

For example, in Hurricanes 2007, I wanted a lesbian protagonist since I loved the anime series Sasameki Koto, Blue Drop and the action-packed Hollywood movies like Die Hard, Spider-Man and the brutality of one of my favorite videogames, Gears of War.

Three Wise Young Men by Darío Aguilar Peregrina on The Table Read
Three Wise Young Men

Latin Dancin

In the case of Latin Dancin, I wanted an African Mexican MC since I think Mexico has a big diversity of people and this topic isn’t touched a lot, while also creating a tribute for the Latin music and culture I grew up with my love for videogames like Guitar Hero, Dance Central and Just Dance.

The #1 Writing Tool

Three Wise Young Men

For the Three Wise Young Men, I really wanted to create a holiday story but based on the Latin tradition of the Wise Men that come every night of January 5th and bring presents to every kid around Latin America and Spain.

Also for the next books, I will incorporate other characters like Santa Claus, Tomte, Belsnickel and Snegúrochka, who also bring presents to children.

About Santa, my relationship with this tradition was the Disney movie The Santa Clause 2, that I loved as a 5 year old kid and also I wanted to see him and the Three Wise Men work together.

Brigade DXT by Darío Aguilar Peregrina on The Table Read
Brigade DXT

Brigade DXT


Finally, about Brigade DXT, the process was long since the idea came to me when I was 14 years old due to my love for the FIFA videogames, the movie Goal and the fact I practiced many sports winning some events and also learning to improve my performance as a young athlete that had a dream of reaching the Olympics.

I want to create a multiverse of stories that can connect with many people and also having the stories I wanted to see in a book or a movie in a long time.  

Find more from Darío Aguilar Peregrina now:

For all the books I mentioned, here is the link.  I don’t have a website, but you can google all my work by writing in the search button, Darío Aguilar Peregrina.

You can find me on Facebook Twitter  and Instagram

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