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Priority Posting

Calling all creators, writers, and artists! This is the perfect time to showcase your work to a wider audience. The Table Read Magazine offers a platform to share your talents, and with priority placement for your interview, video or article, you can ensure your work gets the spotlight it deserves.


We offer promotion to writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors, podcasters, fashion designers, app developers, and more. If you’re creative and have something to share, we want to help!

For our free spaces, we operate on a strictly first come, first serve basis to make sure that all our contributors are treated equally. However, as The Table Read Magazine gets busier, the demand for free spaces is growing fast. Unfortunately, this means that our inbox is filling up rapidly, and the wait for free posting is extending constantly. We are offering a PRIORITY PLACEMENT service that means for those that want to get their content out faster, there is a small charge and the queue can be jumped. This is kept as accessible and affordable as possible, starting at just £10.

Here’s why prioritizing your submission in The Table Read Magazine is a smart move for your creative journey:

  • Fast Track to Exposure: The world is brimming with fantastic content, but getting noticed can be tough. Priority placement gets your work seen in our magazine quickly, increasing the chances of readers discovering your work.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Appearing on The Table Read Magazine carries weight, lending an air of professionalism and credibility to your work. This can be a huge advantage, especially for aspiring creators.
  • Targeted Audience: The Table Read Magazine caters to a community of passionate readers and creatives. By prioritizing your work, you’re reaching exactly the right audience who will appreciate your content and potentially become fans.
  • Networking Opportunities: Increased visibility often leads to new connections. Priority placement can attract collaborations, interviews, or even future publishing opportunities within the magazine or beyond.
  • Support a Great Cause: The Table Read Magazine offers a platform for creators while keeping costs accessible. By choosing priority placement, you’re not just promoting yourself, you’re also directly contributing to the magazine’s continued success.

If you’re happy to wait for your free spot then that will always be available, but the wait can be several weeks during particularly busy times, and we cannot guarantee a specific publishing date if you have a schedule you need to keep to.

How We Promote Your Work

The Table Read Magazine isn’t just about showcasing your work – it’s about giving you a platform to tell your story and connect with your audience. We believe in empowering creators, and that goes beyond promoting your finished product.

  • Written Interviews: In Your Own Words: We delve deeper with in-depth written interviews. Share your creative process, inspirations, and the journey behind your work. This allows readers to connect with you on a personal level, fostering a deeper appreciation for your art.
  • Self-Taped Videos: Show, Don’t Tell: Sometimes, a visual connection creates a lasting impact. The Table Read Magazine welcomes self-taped video interviews, offering a platform for you to introduce yourself, discuss your work, or even give readers a sneak peek of your creative space. It’s your stage to shine and showcase your personality.
  • Blog Post Articles: Expertise on Display: Do you have a unique perspective on your inspiration, or valuable advice to share with fellow creators? We offer opportunities for guest blog posts, allowing you to establish yourself as an authority in your field. This not only promotes your work but also builds trust and credibility within the creative community.

Priority Placement

If you’d like to get your articles, videos or interviews out either on a specific date or same/next day (depending on what time the final piece is received), we have a Priority service for £20 per post. If you’d like your article posting within one week of receipt, we have a Priority service for £10 per post.

Once ordered, email your content and proof of payment to premium@thetableread.co.uk and it will be dealt with quickly. Please make sure to make use of the Premium inbox as posts sent to the normal inbox won’t be dealt with as quickly.



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