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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, experts at used the golden ratio to work out the scariest and sexiest horror villains in time for Halloween.

This Halloween will you be enjoying Mads Mikkelsen’s chiselled Hannibal? Or curling up with Bill Skarsgård in his bone-chilling role as Pennywise? As controversial as it may seem, combining a handsome Hollywood actor with dark subject matter makes movie villains more attractive than we might care to admit.

Sexy Horror Villains

According to research, the boldness and agression associated with villains can significantly increase a character’s allure.

“There’s an undeniable attraction for creatures of the night, those who are risky, obsessive, perhaps silent. We either want to tame them, or want to hitch a ride on their crazy train,” explains celebrity pscyhic, Inbaal Honigman.

Experts at used the golden ratio* and Twitter data to put this concept to the test to find the scariest and sexiest Halloween villains to ever have graced our screens by creating a scoring system to rank horror villains from most to least sexy, and again to determine the scariest. 

Key findings

  • American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman was found to be the sexiest Halloween villain, with a near-perfect ‘sexy score’ of 94.97/100.
  • Jason Voorhees of the Halloween franchise earned a ‘scary score’ of 98.06/100,  but was also crowned the least sexy villain, with a ‘sexy score’ of 32.95/100.
  • Hannibal achieved a ‘scary score’ of just 8.91/100 making him the least scary Halloween villain.
  •  A Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddy Krueger ranks highly on both scorews, with his ‘sexy score’ of 84.11/100 outranking his ‘scary score’, which is 65.89/100.

The scariest Halloween villains

RankingVillainScary Tweets (per 100,000)Golden Ratio % (Proximity to Golden Ratio)Scary Score /100
1Jason Voorhees33706.9715.94%98.06
2Michael Myers26206.138.50%70.35
3Freddy Krueger35015.2562.37%65.89
8Norman Bates11592.2979.37%19.46
9Patrick Bateman7090.483.53%18.64
The Scariest Halloween Villains on The Table Read
The Scariest Halloween Villains

With rumours of a new Friday the 13th movie on the horizon, found that the scariest Halloween villain is Jason Voorhees, who tops the table by far with a ‘scary score’ of 98.06/100. Horror fans all over the world are rediscovering the terror of Voorhees’ silent yet murderous on-screen rampages. 

Horror Comics at

Michael Myers, known for his white-painted Captain Kirk mask comes in second place with a ‘scary score’ of 70.35/100Myers first appeared in the 1978 horror hit Halloween and continued to terrorise our screens as part of the subsequent franchise for almost half a century. 

Freddy Krueger from the 1984 horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street comes in third place, with a ‘scary score’ of 65.89/100.

With a ‘scary score’ of only 8.91/100, Hannibal ranks in tenth place as the least scary Halloween villain. . Despite a sufficiently sinister characterisation by Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs (1991), it is possible that the Hannibal fear factor may have dimmed with Mikkelsen’s recent portrayal.

The sexiest Halloween villains

RankingVillainSexy Tweets (per 100,000)Golden Ratio % (Proximity to Golden Ratio)Sexy Score /100
1Patrick Bateman178.9183.53%94.97
=2Norman Bates184.8479.37%94.02
4Freddy Krueger192.1462.37%84.11
9Michael Myers97.238.50%46.60
10Jason Voorhees122.6415.94%32.95
The Sexiest Halloween Villains on The Table Read
The Sexiest Halloween Villains

Experts at, found that the sexiest Halloween villain is Patrick Bateman, with a near-perfect ‘sexy score’ of 94.97/100. Christian Bale’s striking features in the film adaptation earned him an impressive 83.53% against the golden ratio.

Hannibal, as played by Mads Mikkelsen in the eponymous NBC series comes in second place, joining Norman Bates of Psycho with a ‘sexy score’ of 94.02/100. In fourth place is Freddy Krueger, with a curiously high ‘sexy score’ of 84.11/100, making him technically more sexy than scary.

Horror Comics at

Known as the machete-wielding killer in the Friday the 13th film series, the hocked masked Jason Voorhees ranks in tenth place with a ‘sexy score’ of 32.95/100, with a mere 15.94% score against the golden ratio.


  1. The horror enthusiasts at were interested in determining the scariest and sexiest Halloween villains.
  2. From a seed list of 10 Halloween villains, tweets from 2015 that contained the words ‘scary’ and ‘sexy’ alongside the name of each villain were scraped. 
  3. Then, GoldenFace was used to determine the Golden Ratio score of each villain’s face. A higher score means the proportions of features in the face adhere more closely to the golden ratio. 
  4. The average of the normalised scores of tweets and golden ratio was used to determine an overall sexy/scary rating for each villain.

*Now known as the ‘golden ratio’, the mathematical ratio of 1.618 was discovered in ancient India, and was introduced to Europe by Italian theorist Fibonacci in the 13th century. It is said to determine the compositions that are naturally pleasing to the eye. 

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