Anita Faye Spices Up the Holidays With Two New Christmas Songs I Got Everything I Want for Christmas and This Holiday

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NiNi Tunes releases two new Christmas songs that will make listeners feel better than watching the office drunk get tipsy on spiced eggnog. Las Vegas-based singer/songwriter, Anita Faye (who has worked with Grammy talent, including the legendary Betty Wright), brings much-needed humor and relaxation for the 2021 lineup.

Anita Faye Spices Up the Holidays With Two New Christmas Songs, 'I Got Everything I Want for Christmas' and 'This Holiday'

“I Got Everything I Want for Christmas (I Got You)” is an upbeat tune infused with a little humor. It has a contagious quality that lure audiences into singing an easy-to-remember hook, that could very well serve as a Christmas party anthem. “This Holiday” is an expressive and soulful jazz treat. The latter talks about the yearning and joyfulness of finally reuniting with family after COVID restrictions. Anita’s vast talent, soaring vocals and songwriting chops are on full display in each. Both songs are available on all digital platforms.

Christmas Music

“I Got Everything I Want for Christmas” could be labeled as the return of playful holiday music that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s just good-natured fun that celebrates relationships and appreciation for those we love. There is allure in each track that contains a timeless quality; the type of staple that music lovers will reach for year after year.

“The pandemic kept many of us away from family and loved ones last year; especially if we live in different states. And concerns over health and safety meant going longer than usual to visit in person,” says Ms. Faye.

Listen to “I Got Everything I Want for Christmas (I Got You)” and “This Holiday.”

“I Got Everything I Want for Christmas (I Got You)” was written and produced by Anita Faye (NiNiTunes/ASCAP). “This Holiday” is a collaboration with writing partner, musician/songwriter Ariel Pedroso of Meetai Music (BMI).

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