Author Of Growth Mindset Workbook, Michaela Renee Johnson, Sells Shares In Private Planes

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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, founder and CEO of the Flying Yacht Company, Michaela Johnson, inspires others to achieve personal growth, and sells shares in private planes.

Growth Mindset Workbook for Adults: Build Confidence, Overcome Obstacles, and Achieve Your Goals

Author of the best-selling Growth Mindset Workbook for Adults: Build Confidence, Overcome Obstacles, and Achieve Your Goals Michaela Johnson is a well-known expert on happiness who lives by her words and is always looking for new ways to accelerate.

Through specific affirmations, writing prompts, exercises, and practices, Growth Mindset Workbook for Adults: Build Confidence, Overcome Obstacles, and Achieve Your Goals is an interactive resource that demonstrates to readers how to make growth their default mindset.

Growth Mindset Workbook For Adults on The Table Read Magazine
Growth Mindset Workbook For Adults

She explained that having a growth mindset means believing that you can learn to do almost anything and that your intelligence and skills can always get better. It’s essential that as people we are always developing, consistently changing, and steadily developing.

Flying Yacht Company

As the Flying Yacht Company’s CEO and founder, she is now offering shares in private and regional aircraft, making it an excellent alternative to whole-jet ownership, fractional ownership, or charter services.

She asks you to think about what it would be like to be able to say, “I own that jet” without having to sit with strangers and smile at them. Flying Yacht Company offers aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle—similar to driving your own car rather than taking the bus. They oversee the flight crew, scheduling, maintenance, and management aspects of owning an airplane. Shares start at $79,500 and offer at least 45 flight days per year.

Johnson says that additional important distinctions include:

– fractional ownership (allocated hours per year) versus full ownership (allocated days per month and year);

– On trips, the jet can stay with the share owner, allowing for more flexible departure times than if only dropped off; Additionally, shareholders fly in a customized aircraft rather than a uniformly painted one.

Michaela Renee Johnson on The Table Read Magazine
Michaela Renee Johnson

Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank has recently endorsed The Flying Yacht Company for his upcoming series, American Entrepreneur.

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Michaela Renee Johnson

Be You Find Happy, Michaela Renee Johnson’s top-rated iTunes podcast, encourages listeners to be authentic and live courageously. She is also a private practice psychotherapist, bestselling author, motivational speaker, and nationally acclaimed happiness expert. She is currently working toward a doctorate in couples sex therapy and has degrees in psychology and journalism.

Johnson is a licensed tailwheel (multiengine and seaplane) pilot who lives an adventurous life with her family in Northern California. She takes her AAT dog Walter to care centers. She also enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, making pottery, and living a sustainable lifestyle.

Find more now: or, or follow her on Instagram at @flyingyachtco or @michaelareneej.

Growth Mindset Workbook for Adults: Build Confidence, Overcome Challenges, and Achieve Your Goals

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