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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, a new study has found the best family friendly video games to play this Christmas – with Portal 2 crowned top!

Family Friendly Video Games

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be overwhelming, and family friendly video games offer a welcome escape. They provide a relaxing and enjoyable activity that can help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. Immersing oneself in a virtual world can offer a temporary distraction from the daily routine, allowing for a moment of respite during the festive season.

Family friendly video games cater to a wide range of ages, offering engaging experiences for both children and adults. They often feature simple yet enjoyable mechanics, vibrant graphics, and relatable storylines that appeal to a broad audience. This inclusivity ensures that everyone can find something to enjoy, whether they are novice gamers or experienced players.

Research by Hearts.Land gathered data on 50 local multiplayer video games, averaging the user reviews from Metacritic, GameSpot, and IGN, to find the top family friendly video games to play this Christmas.

To make this accessible to families of all ages, the study has omitted any games that include blood, swearing, and other mature themes.

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Portal 2

Portal 2 is placed top with a rating of 9.06, a 20.1% increase compared to the average game rating. In cooperative mode, users will control robots Atlas and P-Body and will come across puzzles designed for teamwork, requiring communication and coordination between players to solve.  

The story of Portal 2 is driven by its witty and often absurd humor, which appeals to a wide range of ages. The game’s dialogue and interactions between the characters are cleverly written and delivered, providing plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. The overall tone of the game is light-hearted and non-violent, making it enjoyable for families to experience together.

It Takes Two

The second-best game to play this Christmas is It Takes Two, with a rating of 8.86. The game follows the adventures of two tiny characters, Cody and May, offering a wide variety of challenges and puzzles that require collaboration between players. 

The game shines through its innovative cooperative gameplay mechanics, requiring players to utilize their unique abilities and collaborate effectively to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. This teamwork aspect fosters communication, problem-solving skills, and a sense of shared accomplishment among family members.

Stardew Valley

Despite its high completion time, Stardew Valley takes third spot with 8.7. Players take on a role of characters who inherit a neglected farm, with the main objective to transform the neglected farm into a thriving agricultural enterprise. Players can cultivate crops, raise animals, mine for resources, fish, and engage in various activities to make their farm prosperous. 

Stardew Valley offers a charming, relaxing, and wholesome gaming experience that caters to families of all ages. Its calming environment, open-ended gameplay, simple mechanics, emphasis on community, and positive themes make it an excellent choice for families seeking a shared gaming experience that promotes relaxation, bonding, and valuable life lessons.

Top Ten Family Friendly Video Games

        Rank               Video Game         Average user rating         Completion Time          
     1      Portal 2     9.06     8.5 hours 
     2      It Takes Two     8.86     14 hours 
     3      Stardew Valley     8.7     52.5 hours 
     4      Rayman Legends     8.66     10 
     5      Mario Kart 8 Deluxe     8.63     6 hours 
     6      Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2     8.6     7 hours 
     7      Sonic Mania     8.36     5.5 hours 
     8      Kirby and the Forgotten Land     8.3     10.5 hours 
     9      LEGO City Undercover     8.23     15.5 hours 
     10      Rocket League     8.2     112 hours 

Family video games can be a fantastic choice for Christmas, fostering a sense of togetherness and fun for everyone involved. 

Many family video games encourage collaboration and teamwork. Whether it’s solving puzzles together, competing as a team, or working towards a common goal, these games can enhance family dynamics and communication. 

The joy and laughter shared during family video game sessions can create lasting memories. These shared experiences can become cherished stories that family members reminisce about for years to come.

-spokesperson at Hearts.Land

Top 50 Family Friendly Video Games Ranking

        Rank          Video Game         Average User Rating          Completion Time 
     1          Portal 2     9.06     8.5 hours 
     2       It Takes Two     8.86     14 hours 
     3          Stardew Valley     8.7     52.5 hours 
     4          Rayman Legends     8.66     10 hours  
     5          Mario Kart 8 Deluxe     8.63     6 hours 
     6          Tony Hawks Pro Skater           1+2     8.6     7 hours 
     7          Sonic Mania     8.36     5.5 hours 
     8          Kirby and the Forgotten         Land     8.3     10.5 hours 
     9          LEGO City Undercover     8.23     15.5 hours 
     10          Rocket League     8.2     112 hours 
     11          LEGO Marvel     Superheroes     8.1     12.5 hours 
     12         Overcooked 2     8     7 hours 
     13          Escape Academy     8     4.5  hours 
     14         Guacamelee 2     7.93     8.5 hours 
     15          Overcooked     7.9     8 hours 
     16         Crash Bandicoot 4     7.9     10 hours 
     17          Teenage Mutant Ninja  Turtle: Shredders      Revenge     7.86     3 hours 
     18       Cat Quest II     7.76     8 hours 
     19          Plants vs Zombies:     Garden Warfare 2     7.7     140 hours 
     20         Sackboy: A Big     Adventure     7.7     10.5 hours 
     1   21          Crawl     7.7     1 hour 
          22         Trine 4     7.7     10 hours 
     23         Unravel 2     7.66     5 hours 
     24         LEGO Dimensions     7.6     13.5 hours 
     25         Plants vs Zombies:      Garden Warfare     7.6     6.5 hours 
     26         Everybody’s Golf     7.6     15.5 hours 
     27         Untitled Goose Game     7.56     3 hours 
     28         Knack 2     7.5     11.5 hours 
     28         LEGO Star Wars: The     Skywalker Saga     7.5     18.5 hours 
     30         Death Squared     7.46     6 hours 
      31         Human: Fall Flat     7.43     6 hours 
     32         LEGO: Jurassic World     7.33     10.5 hours 
     33         LEGO: DC Super     Villains     7.3     10 hours 
     34         LEGO Star Wars: The      Force Awakens     7.3     9 hours 
     35         Lovers in a Dangerous  Spacetime     7.26     5.5 hours 
     36         Ghosts n Goblins:     Resurrection     7.23     6.5 hours 
     37         LEGO: Marvel     Avengers     7.23     8.5 hours 
     38         LittleBigPlanet 3     7.2     6 hours 
     39         LEGO Batman 3     7.16     10.5 hours 
     40         LEGO The Hobbit     7.16     9 hours 
     41         LEGO Marvel  Superheroes 2     7.13     12.5 hours 
     42         Team Sonic Racing     7.1     9 hours 
     43         LEGO Movie     7.06     7.5 hours 
     44         Minecraft Dungeons     6.9     5.5 hours 
     45         LEGO The Ninjago     Movie     6.83     6 hours 
     46         LEGO The Incredibles     6.73     7 hour 
     47         Star Wars Battlefront     6.03     24 hours 
     48         LEGO Movie 2     5.9     6 hours 
     49         Gran Turismo 7     5.8     25 hours 
     50        Star Wars Battlefront II     4.63     6 hours 
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