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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, the first edition of John H Staines’ memoirs, Bipolar Adventures, humorously recounts how life lurches from ecstasy to manic depression.

John H Staines’ Memoirs

In the first of five planned novelettes, debut author John H Staines invites readers into his world as he shares how as a sufferer of bipolar affective disorder, and lurching between ecstasy and manic depression,he has built a string of highly successful marketing/sales research companies  (JSA Business Development is his latest venture).

Bipolar Adventures by John H Staines on The Table Read
Bipolar Adventures

Written with humour and candour, the author’s memoir highlights that having a pronounced mental illness doesn’t have to define you and that it’s possible to break loose from the stereotypes and thrive both on a personal and business level.

Bipolar Adventures

An interesting and entertaining read, Bipolar Adventures is a standout read and offers a breath of fresh air in the medical biography genre. It will also have readers eager to find out more about this unique gentleman.

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John has wrestled between sanity and insanity during a very busy professional career working for the British and American governments as an international travelling market researcher, despite his handicap of suffering a pronounced mental illness of bipolar affective disorder.

This has resulted in cycles from ecstasy to manic depression which is reflected in his candid and honest description in a humorous non-judgmental tone, and even at times of absolute despair, he has looked back over his life with a wry smile of amusement.

John hopes that you will get many laughs out of his laconic writing style, when handling the tricky subject of a mental illness. The first of a series of five short books from this new author over the near future, thus proving that truth can be more stranger and interesting than fiction.

About John H Staines

John Henry Staines was born in April 1948 in the small pottery’s town of Leek in Staffordshire.
He is the second son of Robert and Sylvia Staines, and travelled with the family at the age of 9 to live in South Shields, South Tyneside, the home of his father, where he resided on and off for over 65 years.

John H Staines on The Table Read
John H Staines

John was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder when he was 22 and has struggled mentally to contain this illness throughout his international career as a market researcher in over 50 countries for over 500 clients

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

John’s business JSA Business Development carried out economic/ technical research projects for the DTI Technology policy and forecasting for the invention of the DATABLOCK (the world’s first totally solid state microcomputer datalogger) And DATABRICK (a single module of the DATABLOCK sensor/interface/ memory) design and manufacturing of Scientific Electronics microcomputer dataloggers  under the company/brand Datacapture Limited for the  – British Antarctic Surveys – Trinity College Belfast – The Irish Electricity Board Dublin – sales/development, procurement and lead manufacture of 29 prototype’s sold in Europe and the USA at £1-10,000. 

JSA Business Development morphed into a technology forecasting company  “Prognosis Limited” based in Bishop Auckland County Durham and over a 9 year period gained and helped another  97 clients in High Tech sectors mostly in and around the North East of England including environmental engineering and  components such as wind turbines (Gazelle) and precision engineering/toolmaking, with the accent on logging and analysing historic technology trends and projecting technical patterns into the future up to five years from the present then logging at periodic intervals to check and adjust forecasts with the accent on technical trends.

John’s latest initiative based in his current home/office in West Boldon, Tyne & Wear is “JSA Business Development Limited” which has been running in confinement under Covid restrictions for the last three  years.

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Published by Austin Macauley Publishers, Bipolar Adventures  is available in paperback (£4.86) and Kindle format (£3.50) on Amazon at and

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