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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Peggy Flo’s The Adventures of Hafro is a delicious and unputdownable three part series destined to surprise and delight all youngsters looking to use their little grey cells.

The Adventures of Hafro

The Adventures Of Hafro by Peggy Flo on The Table Read Magazine
The Adventures Of Hafro by Peggy Flo

In her innovative three part children’s series, The Adventures of Hafro, Peggy Flo demonstrates that so much more than a fun and captivating story can be included in the literary experience. Written in rhyme and featuring a moral subplot, Peggy pulled on her own experiences as a full time investigator to weave a problem that needs solving in to each of her books.

Introducing woodland creatures who face problem solving experiences, Peggy uses words to help children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another. Each book in The Adventures Of Hafro series contains a meaningful moral message to help children understand what is right and wrong in human behaviour.

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The first book – Hafro and the Wicked Leech introduces some of the characters for the first time, beautifully and creatively brought to life with the wonderful and imaginative illustrations of Charles Barry.

Aimed at readers aged four to eight, Peggy’s creative use of language, engaging characters and captivating illustrations ensure that Hafro’s adventures will find favour whether as a bedtime story, or at school reading time. With a fourth book coming soon, young readers will enjoy further adventures in this charming series.

Peggy Flo

Lives in north Essex, Peggy Flo works as a full time investigator. She is passionate about encouraging children to read, and for the past five years has been writing books that delve deep into their imaginations.

Peggy Flo and Charles Barry on The Table Read Magazine
Peggy Flo and Charles Barry

When not writing she can be found enjoying the great outdoors (mountain walking and long distance swimming are just two hobbies) or enjoying the company of her two donkeys and three dogs.

Charles Barry

Until recently Charles Barry lived on Ibiza where he pursued his passion for music – playing guitar and singing at music venues.

Previously working as a director at a London-based design company, Charles’ first foray into book illustration found him taking up the challenge of creating Hafro and his friends.

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