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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in A Way To Go by Penelope Boydell, married Charlie and single Dorothy embrace the European road tour on Charlie’s bucket list, in a romantic story of family secrets and failing health.

A Way To Go, Penelope Boydell on The Table Read MagazineA Way To Go

Penelope Boydell has a released her debut novel, A Way To Go. This captivating and original romance emphasises the need to embrace all that life has to offer, before we’re no longer here to do so.

A Way to Go touches on ubiquitous themes inherent between a couple as the relationship between single Dorothy and married Charlie progresses from Wednesday afternoon’s ‘just for sex’ to something that exists on an entirely different plane. Over ore than a decade, this intense romance developed out of an illicit and highly sensual affair which survived many hurdles. Freed from the ties of work and family by retirement and bereavement, the couple embark on a trip of a lifetime around the coasts of Europe, with its idyllic beaches, historic cities, fascinating art galleries and ancient sites..

As their romance progresses, Boydell explores the impact of keeping secrets and upholding rifts, and the experience of taking pleasure in embarking in a bucket list dream. 

Penelope Boydell on The Table Read Magazine
Penelope Boydell

A contemporary take on embracing life and passion in our autumn years, A Way to Go is an accomplished and multi-layered first novel which will appeal to readers of a certain age, keen to be unleashed from the publishing world’s belief that crinoline and lace are the foundations of a fine romance. This is a gripping and highly readable novel full of wit, fun and escapist pleasures, but with disturbing happenings which raise serious issues of love, estrangement and loss.

Penelope Boydell

Now well passed middle age, Penelope Boydell has released her first novel following a varied work life embracing the engineering industry, supporting older people, town planning and local government politics. She and her husband Bill live on the edge of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, and have travelled to many places which feature in the book. Boydell has three daughters and enjoys hiking, gardening and, of course, writing.

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