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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, merging sci-fi fantasy and horror, Flight Cursed Beyond Death by Ian Trigue follows four tortured airmen trying to stop World domination by occult entities.

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Flight Cursed Beyond Death

In Flight Cursed Beyond Death by Ian Trigue, four very different protagonists finding themselves immersed in a world far removed from their expected return to ‘Civvy Street’ normality, This page turner of a novel will pique the interest of all those with a penchant for fantasy, science fiction, horror and the occult.

Flight Cursed Beyond Death by Ian Trigue on The Table Read Magazine
Flight Cursed Beyond Death by Ian Trigue

Set mostly in the 21st century but beginning in 1962, four airmen are some of the last National Service conscripts posted to Malaya, but was this assignation somehow inexplicably pre-ordained?

Mysteriously forced to crash onto an uncharted island in the Andaman Sea during an illicit night flight, they become prisoners of The Revenant – an ancient, mystical being who commands occult supernatural powers and curses victims with psychic rituals, taking their souls in a macabre plot to help him escape a thousand years of exile and return to England. Once there, can he control them to locate and exhume an immortal, primordial adversary so their ancient conflict can resume and turn The Earth back to how it was before the evolution of Man?

Will the airmen ever understand how they are being used? Will any of the four be able to defeat such entities? Will they surrender to The Revenant’s power or die horribly if confronted by forces they do not understand? Can Mankind ever be victorious?

With robust world-building and vivid and authentic main characters, Ian Trigue delivers a fast-paced tale that in spite of its chilling themes, feels strangely credible. Will the airmen able to save the world as we know it, or will they all die horribly in the process?

Ian Trigue

Weaving horror and the occult into a story that builds around genuine historical events, my novel Flight Cursed Beyond Death is one that has a sting in its tail. Beginning in 1962 and continuing through to 2014, the normal world is very much part of what happens in the realms of this fantasy/horror.

-Ian Trigue
Ian Trigue on The Table Read Magazine
Ian Trigue

Ian Trigue is the penname of Tim Nelson who was born in Bishops Stortford and raised in West Essex. He attended Newport Grammar School from 1970 to 1977 (before Jamie Oliver) and married Christine in 1991.

Working in engineering for much of his life since, Tim took voluntary redundancy in 2001 to train as a Driving Instructor, gaining vital background knowledge for detail carefully worked into stories.

His first novel A Fortunate-At Death was published in 2014 with the sequel and two others written since, but unlike Flight Cursed Beyond Death, they remain in abeyance. 

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