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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Hidden In The Mist is the new supernatural thriller from clairvoyant author, Sue Penney.

In her first work of fiction, Sue Penney tells the story of her eponymously named protagonist.

Clairvoyant Author

Pulling out all stops in her debut work of fiction, Sue Penney’s Hidden in the Mist is a ghostly tale par excellence.

Hidden In The Mist by Sue Penney on The Table Read
Hidden In The Mist

Aware of her own personal supernatural abilities since the age of three, the author draws on real-life events she experienced as a child to give Hidden in the Mist an authenticity and scare factor that plays with your mind from the outset.  Adding further to its spooky credentials, the front cover is illustrated with an image of the actual house in which the author first experienced the paranormal.

Worthy of a sold ten out of ten for its accomplished plot, pace and the fear it evokes, Hidden in the Mist is most definitely one to read with the lights on full.

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Hidden In The Mist

Susan always knew she could sense things that she couldn’t see, so when her husband James starts to act strangely is there more to his behaviour than meets the eye? 

With her daughter also starting to act strangely, Susan’s nerves are on a knife edge, having lost all of her self-esteem at her husband’s hands, not knowing where to turn and with echoes of the past still clinging persistently to her home.

Sue Penney on The Table Read
Sue Penney

Susan instinctively knows that everyone’s survival depends upon her. Will Susan be able to save her family from the malevolence which threatens to engulf them all?

Hidden in the Mist is a supernatural book that is loosely based on some real-life experiences that Sue personally had in her childhood.

About Sue Penney

Sue Penney has known that she was clairvoyant since the age of three. She is a published author and an experienced clairaudient, clairvoyant, claircognizant, healer and energy worker. She now uses all of these gifts to channel unique readings and messages in poetry form as well as writing fiction supernatural books.

She lives in Surrey with her children and a collection of dogs and cats.

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Published by Raven Witch Publishers, Hidden in the Mist is available in paperback (£12.99) and Kindle format (£4.29) on Amazon at and

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