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End Of Tenancy explore why TikTok’s cleantok video’s surge in popularity on The Table Read, “Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK.”

Google Trends shows that searches for spring cleaning tips peaks in March every year from 2004-present. 

As TikTok has an enormous amount of cleaning videos, people are sure to find an abundance of spring cleaning inspiration.


In fact, ‘#cleantok has a whopping 32.5 billion views, making it a huge trend on TikTok, but which videos are people most satisfied by?

Intrigued to find out, End Of Tenancy London, analysed which cleaning videos have the highest like to view ratio, highlighting the trends which leave viewers most satisfied.

Top 10 most satisfying Cleantok cleaning videos on TikTok:

Cleanktok TikTok video rankings on The Table Read

Coming at the top of the rankings is a @cleaning_dirtycoins video with a 1:2.61 like to view ratio. This is extremely high with just less than 1 in every 3 viewers clicking the like button on the video. The video has got over 8.7 million likes and over 22.7 million views. It involves cleaning ¼ of the surface of a coin with 5 ingredients (The Pink Stuff, deodorant, metal polish, lemon juice and baking soda) to give a shiny contrast to the uncleaned part.

In second place is @jettsetfarmhouse’s video with a 1:4.22 like to view ratio. The video has over 3.6 million likes and 15.2 million views, and is about cleaning a child’s room for her friends to come over.

Taking third place is @cleanwithrab’s video with a like to view ratio of 1:4.31. The video involves cleaning hot chocolate off a cream carpet an hour before a house viewing, tracking the progress of the clean with a nerve-wracking countdown!

Cleaning Videos For Entertainment Surge In Popularity On TikTok on The Table REad
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

Following is @cleanhabitsllc video (1:4.49), another @cleaning_dirtycoins video (1:4.67) and @axelwebber video (1:4.71), respectively ranking fourth, fifth and sixth.

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In-house expert Ivan Ivanov outlines why cleaning videos are so satisfying and a trend:

“With cleaning seen as a chore by many it may come as a surprise to some that #cleantok is so popular. However, as cleaning is a common errand for everyone around the globe, no matter the language of the creator, videos can be appreciated by all. 

The popularity of these videos is often due to showing visual before and after results of the cleaning process, revealing how much the space or item has improved. This comparison provides a sense of satisfaction for viewers. 

Mental Ease

Psychologically, cleanliness has been correlated with mental ease, and the short format of TikTok videos provides instant gratification. These factors highlight why cleaning videos are getting such traction and receiving high ‘like to view’ ratios.”

CleanTok enthusiast Courtney Cole gives her take on what is so appealing about the videos:

“Being in a clean, tidy space in my own life is something that always makes me feel relaxed and instantly calm and I really believe in ‘tidy room, tidy mind’.

Cleaning videos have almost the exact same effect and make me feel instantly peaceful and satisfied. I have sought out previously through the means of cleaning influencers, such as Mrs Hinch, and now find that the algorithm provides them as a result. It definitely inspires me to clean.

Whilst the videos themselves are satisfying, they almost make me crave the feeling of cleaning my room! This then always leads to me cleaning as a result. I love the sounds and visuals together and feel like they have an almost ASMR effect which can make me feel sleepy (in a good way!) and relaxed.”


  1. Experts at End Of Tenancy London were intrigued to find out which are the most satisfying cleaning videos on TikTok, from swimming pool washing and restoration to cleaning coins.
  2. The top 50 most viewed videos under the ‘cleaning’ hashtag on TikTok were listed.
  3. Each video’s like to view ratio was calculated by dividing the views by the likes to imply which is the most satisfying.
  4. The videos were then ranked with the smallest like to view ratio being the most satisfying.
  5. Data is correct as of 10/02/22 and is subject to change.
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