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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Black Humor by Christine Stockwell, resourceful protagonist Vi takes on a spot of luxury house-sitting before tearing up their rule book the moment they vacate the property.

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Black Humor by Christine Stockwell on the Table Read Magazine
Black Humor by Christine Stockwell

Black Humor

In Black Humor By Christine Stockwell, main character Vi is determined to eke out all she can from every situation life presents.

With never a dull moment, it is impossible not to fall for Vi’s wicked charms, and the escapades she finds herself entangled in as she sets herself up in practice, advocating her personal and haphazard version of the art of humorolgy, in the luxury home she is supposed to be house-sitting.

Leaving many readers wishing they possessed a smidgeon of Vi’s gumption and devil-may-care attitude; Black Humor is a novel you don’t want to finish. Summer is coming and this hugely enjoyable read is a must for the holidays. It also whets the appetite for future adventures, or even a TV adaptation.

Christine Stockwell

For some years now I’ve made a living painting, rather than writing but, during lockdown, Black Humor kept me smiling.  

If you Google my name, you’ll usually see Nature’s Pharmacy pop up, which was published by Century, in association with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where I used to work.

Later I did another book for Kew, about Nicholas Culpeper, then subsequently worked as a researcher/writer for Dorling Kindersley and, finally, began re-publishing out-of-print books which were out of copyright but still in demand. The most successful of these, and having had several re-prints, has been a book called PoppyLand, about Cromer and the surrounding villages, by the Victorian author, Clement Scott.

I currently live and work in Norwich with my husband, a bookseller, and much-loved lurcher, Ruby.

-Christine Stockwell

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