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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Hello Flower, Martina Gruppo recounts the intricacies of her relationship, and the shadowy manipulations of her narcissist partner.

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Hello Flower

In one of the most compelling memoirs of the year, Hello Flower: A Real Life Story Of Narcissistic Love And Invisible Abuse, Martina Gruppo shares how it is possible to fall time and time again for the duplicity and deceit of a narcissistic lover.

In the recounting of her self-deprecating, heartbreaking and sometimes funny life story, Martina Gruppo shares how narcissists fly well under the radar due to the fine tuning of their nuanced behaviours, tactics and endless ability to twist and manipulate everything and everyone they come into contact with.

In Hello Flower, Martina explains how narcissists mask their real intentions using the one person they can guarantee will always back them with whatever means necessary, because of their love and trust; a form of malicious brainwashing. 

With a narrative combining brutal honesty and a good dose of self-reflection, Martina’s story is a realistic and revealing insight into how even the strongest person can be susceptible to the most insidious form of abuse—and yet find the courage to walk away and shine again.

A compelling and authentic read which touches the heart, the potency of Hello Flower (which also covers the author’s battle with cancer) rests firmly in Martina’s courage and instinct to question and rise up against the nasty manipulative and devastating effects of her narcissistic tormentor and seek out a more peaceful existence for herself, convinced that if she stayed the damage would be irreparable.

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Narcissism has been frequently bandied about as a generic label for bad behaviour. The ‘red flag’ traits exhibited are covered up or overlooked because the targets are their best ‘wingmen’ making this the most insidious form of abuse. This shows how even the strongest can be brought down bit by bit until they are a shadow of the person they were, and it happens to men and women in relationships, families and the workplace. This is not a ‘pity memoir’ or a revenge piece, this is MY story, and it is all true, there are no names in the entire book.

I am fifty-six years old (it hurts to write that!) I live alone in my gorgeous house near the beach just south of Rome. It sounds idyllic but I am not sure how much longer I want to be here; Italy is beautiful, the food is great and the climate wonderful but as a foreigner, no matter how many years you are here, it can be lonely…

I adore my garden, the house plants I manage not to kill off, travelling on my own to far off destinations and writing.  I love cooking but can’t bake to save my life and love spending time with my people, be it in Ireland or England, cracking up laughing with them is the best thing in the world.

-Martina Gruppo

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