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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Susan Malone-Hoyle’s new self help book, Shine Your Light, offers help to anyone who has suffered from low self esteem.

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Shine Your Light

Bristol based counsellor, Susan Malone-Hoyle, is providing an insider’s guide to therapy whilst giving hope to anyone who has experienced low self-esteem through her debut book, Shine Your Light: How to Increase Your Self-esteem and Lead Your Best Life.

Providing a series of practical tools and guides to help anyone struggling with their current circumstances and the way they see themselves, Shine Your Light outlines other people’s lived experience of working through similar issues within therapy, sharing approaches, techniques, and worksheets, so readers can see their own progression and change.

Shine Your Light focuses on hope. It really is possible to change and learn to accept the past, not allowing our negative experiences to continue to impact on our future. We are not our experiences, and in this book, I show through my own experience and that of others, how given the right support, we can all improve our circumstances and have a successful, happy life.

-Susan Malone-Hoyle

Inspirational Stories

Susan Malone-Hoyle on The Table Read Magazine
Susan Malone-Hoyle

In chapters of Shine Your Light, readers will discover stories from inspiring individuals including Mandie, a pub landlady turned businesswoman, who is a recovering alcoholic. Beginning her journey full of self-hatred and anger, she ended on a more positive note with empathy, forgiveness, and self-love.

Another featured journey is that of Helen as a fast-paced businesswoman. She begins by being on a perpetual burnout cycle due to her need for perfectionism and ends with the realisation that an experience in her childhood was what was causing her behaviour.

Author Susan Malone-Hoyle also addresses her own journey of low self-esteem and life experiences in the book, and the actions she took to overcome her negative beliefs. Through continued practice of affirmations, changing old behaviours and getting rid of labels, she was able to move on with her life and embrace everything more positively. She now wants more people to understand what an important role counselling can play in helping others.

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