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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in her biography, Daughter of a Murderer, Diane Clark recounts the catastrophic consequences she endured as a result of having a father who killed her mother, and her support of Jade’s Law.

Daughter Of A Murderer by Diane Clarke on The Table Read Magazine
Daughter Of A Murderer by Diane Clarke

Daughter Of A Murderer

Diane Clarke’s traumatic and unputdownable memoir, Daughter Of A Murderer, details the pain and torment that has made up her life thus far. This enlightening and brutally honest book details the consequences of her father killing her mother (including years of abuse that followed and battling with PTSD, guilt and shame), will be especially relevant to those working or studying in the field of domestic abuse, policing, children’s services, healthcare specialists and more.

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How does a domestic homicide impact on a child? What is it like in the aftermath, when a child’s mother is killed, and their father is responsible. This book delves into the life of a forgotten victim of crime with the true account of how Diane’s whole life was affected; her needs were ignored, and her human rights were violated.

Diane shares her battles with PTSD, abandonment, guilt and shame. Desperate for love, she suffers physical, sexual, psychological and financial abuse, highlighting the need to support children who have been traumatised with this type of adverse childhood experience.

Fully supportive of Jade’s Law, which will see the Victims and Prisoners Bill amended so parents who kill a partner or ex-partner with whom they have children will automatically have their parental responsibility suspended up sentencing, Diane Clarke’s decision to go public with her disturbing story isn’t about looking for a sympathy vote, but is driven by a determination to ensure no other child should suffer a similar fate.

Resilient and brave, Diane has spent most of her working life supporting domestic abuse victims or in child support, and the proceeds from all sales will go towards the start-up of a very unique organisation, CatchU.

Diane Clarke

Diane Clarke has previously worked for AAFDA (Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse) as a specialist advocate and still works as a volunteer facilitating peer support sessions for families affected by fatal domestic abuse. She is also qualified as a DHR (Domestic Homicide Review) chair, and a teacher.

My experiences as a child, and of living with my father after he served 18 months for manslaughter, were very traumatic and were recently mentioned in a debate in Parliament by MP Ellie Reeves to support the introduction of Jade’s Law to suspend parental rights of those convicted of murdering their child’s other parent.

Jade’s Law is something I fully support, and it is a move in the right direction to recognise children as victims in their own right, under the Domestic Violence Act.

In Italy these children are awarded special orphan status, they are given, free healthcare, mentoring and advocacy, they are also given compensation and their inheritance. The children in the UK are often left with bereaved families or are taken into to care and are wrongly assessed as being okay. The long term study of the effects of such experience shows how this impacts on their health, academic achievements, and future relationships; making early intervention after a domestic homicide or suicide due to domestic abuse is very important.

The biggest issue is being silenced in shame for something that is not their fault and having the real fear that if you do speak out, you too could be killed.

My book has also been read by Queen Camilla and she wishes me the best with CatchU; and she is particularly empathetic about the support needs for children bereaved by domestic abuse.

Most of my career has been in the field of domestic abuse or child protection. I have a scholarship with the Trauma Foundation, studying traumatic stress. I also have a post graduate diploma in leading learning for safeguarding children. I am now fundraising to deliver a therapeutic programme for children who need the support.

-Diane Clarke

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