Dead Cereus a Surprisingly Funny Romp Filled with Flora College Shenanigans — and Murder

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Exotic plants, enough food to make your stomach growl and the cozy mystery genre’s most unique murder combine to deliver a breathtakingly original, humorous, fascinating college campus-based mystery in Kira Seamon’s Dead Cereus.

Dead Cereus

Dead Cereus, by Kira Seamon, on The Table Read

Both heartwarming and hilarious, Dead Cereus follows pandemonium-prone “Hurricane Holly” on the night of Shellesby College’s Night Lights Gala, where the rare night-blooming cereus plant is scheduled to open its petals.

Holly is there, hoping to impress the professors and secure her college scholarship, which is hanging by a thread. But in an unexpected turn of events, Holly finds herself smackdab in the middle of a murder investigation that not only threatens her scholarship, but also her life … and that of her rival.

Holly’s boyfriend, William Smith, the swoon-worthy  and ingenious master gardener taking care of all the rare plants in the hothouse, remains steadfastly by Holly’s side as she races against the clock to save herself and her arch nemesis while catching a murderer.

With Holly’s scholarship hanging in the balance, her gorgeous rival batting eyes at William, a competition for a coveted internship and the body of a professor, Holly is juggling much more than a typical college course load. Can she handle the heat in the hothouse, or is she headed for a spectacular meltdown?

With vivid, botanical references, unforgettable characters and a blooming romance adding lush layers atop the cozy mystery genre’s most unique murder mystery, Dead Cereus draws readers into a surprisingly funny narrative set against the backdrop of academia.

“This is the ultimate escape book with an epic romance and a fantastic, unique mystery rolled into one hilarious story,” Seamon says. “In fact, it just might be the funniest book you’ve read all year!”

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About Kira Seamon

Born and raised in Hawaii, Kira Seamon is a multi award-winning scholar, dancer, choreographer, photographer, visual artist, pianist and author. She’s had over 50 newspaper cover stories about her art. Her Patriot Ledger arts cover story (voted New England’s best regional paper), was picked up and published online/print in 123 towns, or the entire eastern half of Massachusetts.

She has choregraphed over 100 dance pieces, including solos, duets and large ensemble, evening-length works. She was an Editors’ Choice for Video of the Month in Dance Teacher magazine and an Editors’ and Viewers’ Choice for a Future Star of the Month in Dance Spirit magazine.

Dead Cereus, by Kira Seamon, on The Table Read

In a 10-year dance competition career, she won a national dance title, two regional dance titles, along with 18 awards, including Platinum awards and special awards from the judges. All of this culminated in her receiving the prestigious Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, for which she appeared in the Wall Street Journal in 2020. Dead Cereus is her first novel.

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Reviews of Dead Cereus

“Seamon is a master at creating atmospheric settings, and cozy mystery lovers will find it easy to fall under her spell. An appealing, witty heroine, a gem of a leading man, and well-constructed setting and plot make this one a must-read for both mystery lovers and fans of chick-lit literature. Readers will look forward to more of Holly and William’s adventures.” — The Prairies Book Review

“Human drama, individual struggles, love, secrets, and wit and romance abound, and the atmospheric setting and tight plotting keep the reader engrossed. Layered, nuanced plotting and engaging characters power a lighthearted, witty mystery. Seamon is an author to watch.” — The Five Star Bookview Review

“Seamon is a debut writer with a brilliant talent for creating a captivating narrative wins readers with its witticism, nuanced characters, and cunning plot. The prose is gorgeous and the narrative voice is strong.” — The Five Star Book Commentary Review

“Cozy mystery readers who look for more than a light dose of humor that permeates unexpected conundrums will relish the tone and style of Dead Cereus, which packs a punch with puns, perplexing situations, and plants. Readers who like passion, plants, and love stories are in for a treat with a cozy mystery that is both hilarious and heartwarming. Dead Cereus is also highly recommended for any library interested in a cozy story that operates beyond the usual small-town depictions.” — Featured in the Midwest Book Review

Dead Cereus by Kira Seamon is a cozy mystery with just the right touch of romance. The book starts off with incredibly upbeat energy and fast pacing that the author maintains throughout the story. The reader cannot help but be delighted by the main character, Holly, and her string of mishaps, mayhem and moments of brilliance. Creating a main character that is both relatable and also admirable is not an easy feat, but author Kira Seamon manages to do just that in her book, Dead Cereus. Supporting characters add to the flow of events and encourage dialogue that is both witty and zany.” — Five Star Review from Readers’ Favorite

“Interesting characterizations, humorous, multilayered plot twists, and an old-fashioned sweet romance make this book an appealing read for romance and mystery enthusiasts, who will undoubtedly want to see more work from this debut author.” — RECOMMENDED by the US Review

“If you are seeking a humorous romance thriller, or cozy mystery novel, Dead Cereus will herb your enthusiasm with its ardent characters and thrilling plot.” — Literary Titan

“The plot moves briskly and evenly and will keep readers engaged. The main character is energetic and enthusiastic. Side characters are well crafted and great fun. The focus on plant life, paired with a mystery, allows this novel to stand apart.” — The Booklife Prize

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Dead Cereus

Release Date: January 18, 2022

ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8985095609

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