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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Into the Moonlight, G S Foster introduces Paul Arnold who feels suck in a rut until he meets Sarah Waysmith, on a night out, setting  into motion, desires and bedroom adventures he never knew possible.

Into The Moonlight

Life is dull for Paul Arnold. He has worked at a small financial firm for years but he hates it, job dissatisfaction has taken over, and everything feels that its’ painted in grey. When he unexpectedly meets fashion business owner, Sarah Waysmith, a high-flying fashion business owner, she sets her sights on him and Paul’s work/life balance takes a significant turn for the better.  It’s clear that Sarah always gets what she wants – and what she wants is Paul.

Into The Moonlight by G. S. Foster on The Table Read Magazine
Into The Moonlight by G. S. Foster

Paul embarks on a sexy affair with Sarah, realizing that there are always new things to learn about each other, defying caution and a lifetime of routines that bore him. While both are happy with the adventure, when they meet a beguiling lesbian couple, events lead both down a path neither anticipated. After all, delightful intentions pave the way to self-discovery…

G S Foster’s erotic West-Midlands-based debut published novel, is a tale about a man in the doldrums and a woman who is used to getting her way. Into the Moonlight recounts the tsunami of excitement, passion and sexual adventuring that Sarah brings into Paul’s drab existence.

Into the Moonlight also serves as a reminder that even in the midst of routine, there is always room for adventure, growth, and unexpected connections. This well-written book is a thrilling mix of sex and suspense with an unexpected conclusion, receiving a lot of five-star reviews and leaving readers very much wanting more. Luckily for them, a second installment is currently in the works.

G. S. Foster

G. S. Foster is a first-time author based in the West Midlands who has always loved writing. Into The Moonlight (part 1) is the first book from Foster.

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Published by Matador, Into the Moonlight (Part 1) is available in paperback (ISBN No:  978-1803133294) and Kindle format.



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