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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Kiss These 100 Frogs Goodbye!, Celia Walton Scott shares the signs to identify ‘frogs’ that should be avoided in the pursuit of finding a prince to last a lifetime.

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Kiss These 100 Frogs Goodbye!

Kiss These 100 Frogs Goodbye! by Celia Walton Scott is a little book will have readers laughing the house down, nodding in agreement and wishing that it had been published earlier.

It’s said that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your Prince Charming. If during your online dating journey somebody offered you a Magic Wand to help you to identify any frogs that you should turn away, distinguishing them from future potential princes actually worthy of your time, wouldn’t you take it?

This book is exactly that Magic Wand. It is a tool that will help you spot the signs of potential frogs who will otherwise gleefully waste your time and energy if given half a chance.

Whether you use this book in an entertaining or practical capacity, I hope that it makes you laugh, think, generates discussions and enriches your dating life.

Bursting with Celia Walton Scott’s wit, candid insights and vivid caricatures of those ‘frogs’ that should be given a wide berth, online dating has changed the face of finding a mate. Written to help women navigate the sometimes ‘murky’ waters that are associated with this way of finding love, Kiss These 100 Frogs Goodbye! saves a whole lot of time, effort and potential heartache too.

Celia Walton Scott

This is the first of book released by the author Celia Walton Scott based on her many adventures, post-divorce in the world of online dating.

Her second book “100 Princesses Not To Return The Glass Slipper To!” is due to be released very soon. She is an ex-science teacher, who lives in East London with her two adult children and an impressive shoe collection.

She is still single, but always hopeful, and is an eternal believer in the magical, but sometimes murky world of online dating.

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