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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, after a near death experience, Dr. Ski Chilton wrote There Is Another Way To Happiness: The Four Step CAST Process That Will Transform Your Life to help others improve their lives.

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There Is Another Way To Happiness: The Four Step CAST Process That Will Transform Your Life

Despite Dr. Ski Chilton’s stellar career marked by groundbreaking achievements, this distinguished scientist grappled with persistent negative emotions, unpredictable reactions, broken relationships and deep depression. These struggles sent him on a quest for understanding which propelled him into the science and philosophy of free will, and questioning if humans (or he) truly possessed it.

There Is Another Way To Happiness by Dr. Ski Chilton on The Table Read Magazine
There Is Another Way To Happiness by Dr. Ski Chilton

In 2016 Dr. Chilton released The Rewired Brain to explore scientific literature that illustrated the existence of two rival minds, emphasizing the dominant influence of the unconscious mind — a factor he identified as the root cause of much of his own suffering and the overarching distress felt by humanity. Yet, this realization was not the full answer he sought.

Then on a Sunday morning after a violent encounter with an untamed Arabian horse which nearly cost him his life, and finding himself facing a new life in a wheelchair, the internationally acclaimed biochemist shifted his focus from the purely scientific to the deeply spiritual. He immersed himself in mindfulness and meditation practices which not only facilitated his physical recovery, but also ushered in a profound spiritual enlightenment he never saw coming.

In his new book, There Is Another Way To Happiness: The Four Step CAST Process That Will Transform Your Life, Dr. Chilton presents a rare blend of science, mindfulness and spirituality to walk readers through the four, overlapping steps that helped him overcome his own cycle of fear, anxiety and self-doubt, and led to his total transformation.

It has taken me almost 60 years of life to discover that there is another way to happiness. That I have within me at any moment boundless access to a place of conscious awareness and stillness where my true self, freedom and peace reside.

-Dr. Ski Chilton

CAST Process

In There Is Another Way To Happiness, Dr. Chilton traces his personal odyssey, from fame and money obsessed egoist to fully awakened Observer of the expanses of conscious living — a journey that ultimately culminated in the creation of his CAST Process, a daily life framework encompassing four vital stages: Consciousness, Awareness, Surrender and Trust.

Finding this place has been my spiritual awakening after spending my life battling insecurities, building a toxic and false egoic self, and searching for the worth that clearly wasn’t found in my accomplishments. And that’s what I want others to embrace through reading my book.

-Dr. Ski Chilton

As readers embark on their own journeys and engage in the book’s 13-week meditation/ reflection practices, they can:

• Rewire destructive thought patterns

• Deepen their self-awareness, peeling back the layers of their being to discover innate happiness within

• Let go of ego, fear and the illusion of control

• Embrace life’s unknowables, including the ultimate mystery of death

• Profoundly connect and co-create with the creative intelligence of the universe

Prepare to awaken to an entirely new existence. There is Another Way to Happiness beckons you to step into a beautiful, transcendent path of living.

– Dr. Ski Chilton

Dr. Ski Chilton

Dr. Ski Chilton on The Table Read Magazine
Dr. Ski Chilton

Dr. Ski Chilton is a distinguished innovator, academic and entrepreneur. With a prolific record of over 160 scientific publications and 15 patents, he has founded four companies and a nonprofit. He has been at the forefront of personalized nutrition and wellness, earning widespread recognition in both academia and industry for his trailblazing contributions.

In addition to his academic publications, Chilton has authored five lay books on physical and mental health. Particularly notable among these are Inflammation Nation, which foresaw the inflammation epidemic, and The Rewired Brain, which focused on the profound influence of the unconscious mind.

His philanthropic efforts in Africa span over two decades. He is the founder and president of the not-for-profit organization Heroes Helping Heroes. Additionally, he served on the Board of Directors for 12 years, including six years as Chairman, of the Persecution Project Foundation. Heroes Helping Heroes is committed to providing mentoring, health, and wellness solutions to orphans and foster children in both the United States and Africa.

The Persecution Project Foundation focuses on offering crisis relief, education and hope to victims of civil war, genocide and religious persecution in Sudan. Recently, he became an executive director of the World Shoe Fund, an organization committed to offering shoes as a cornerstone for both spiritual and physical well-being, inspiring hope in children.

Chilton has won numerous awards for this work, including the Alumni Award for Academic and Professional Achievement from Western Carolina University, and the Established Investigator Award from Wake Forest School of Medicine. More recently, the University of Arizona honored him with both the Outstanding Research Impact Award and the Inventor of the Year Award. He was also recently inducted into the prestigious National Academy of Inventors.

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