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On The Table Read ebook magazine UK, editor JJ Barnes shares details about a new Premium Service on The Table Read, why it is happening, and the changes it will mean for both readers and contributors.

JJ Barnes editor of The Table Read online creativity, arts and entertainment magazine

Written by JJ Barnes

Dear Readers

Firstly, I want to say an enormous thank you. The Table Read has grown from a small idea we brainstormed last Summer into this incredible world of creativity, where we are featuring hundreds of wonderful people sharing their books, films, music, podcasts, art and more.

When we first started, I wasn’t sure anybody would be interested. I contacted my friend MG Vaciago to see if she would be interested in doing an interview about her children’s book, and from there, we have grown every single month. I am immeasurably proud of what we are achieving, and so very grateful to both our readers and contributors for making it happen.

Small Team, Large Demand

That said, I’ve run into a bit of a problem. Our team is still very small, and significantly smaller than The Table Read is demanding. This means that the inboxes are constantly full of unopened emails, and as fast as I respond to people, the inbox fills up again. This means that I’m slower on getting content out, because I’m trying to respond to everybody, and also not replying to contributors as fast as they deserve.

In many cases, the creatives who contact us want their information going out urgently, or they have a specific date we need to put content out on to match a promotion circuit. I’ve always prioritised meeting people’s schedules when possible, but when I can’t always get to the emails as rapidly as needed, some of the creatives I want to support are missing out on a spot.

We brainstormed. Keeping The Table Read free to artists and creatives has always been important to us. Getting attention on your work can be incredibly hard in this competitive world, and many artists don’t have enough disposable income to spend on advertising. I have never wanted to exclude creatives because they are struggling or just starting out. It’s the quality of their work and their passion for their craft that matters, not their income.

However, we still needed a way to make the work more manageable, and hopefully build to a position where we can afford to employ another person to work with us and take on a portion of the workload. This would make sure we are providing the kind of service you deserve, and, quite frankly, would mean I get more sleep (which trust me, I need).

Premium Service

Today, I am introducing our new Premium Service. This is a way of making sure that anybody who needs their content going out to a specific schedule can achieve it, but without being exploitative or ignoring the contributors who don’t have budget for promotion. The Premium Service is set to £20 per article, and is completely voluntary. It will put your content to a separate inbox that will be dealt with first. I can ensure your specific date is met, or if your information is important, I can get it out at a speed that suits your schedule.

This does not mean the other contributors will be ignored, and the continued promotion in the form of quotes and graphics across social media will not change. We will always work to support, promote and celebrate your work.

If you have any questions, I hope they’re all answered on our FAQ page. If you want to take advantage of the Premium Service, you can use our Tip Jar then send your reference number and information to

Thanks for reading and for your continued love and support for these incredible artists and creatives we have the pleasure of working with.

JJ x

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