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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Bob Twells and Dave Cole release Educaveman to give practical steps for all working in education to create a positive school culture.


This is a book for teachers and leaders which unashamedly focusses on the importance, and necessity, of planning for and creating an energised school culture.

” EduCaveman is crammed full of refreshing thinking, guidance and strategies which are focused on strengths, empowerment, positivity and TRUST. “

Educaveman, Bob Twells and Dave Cole, on The Table Read

Wrates Publishing is delighted to announce the independent release, through Amazon, of Educaveman; a book that dares to dream of the schools we all want. A text, the authors believe, will enable you and your colleagues to find or rekindle the joy and happiness in education.


A Practical Guide

This book, written by Bob Twells and Dave Cole, is a rallying cry to all educators, whatever their role or responsibility, to ponder and reflect on a different approach to school life. Through practical steps and straightforward strategies, the chapters will help staff and schools become more effective, energised, confident and enthused, as they go about their daily tasks.

The tone of the book is refreshingly humble; it is not written by ‘perfect practitioners’. Instead, it is written by experienced educators who have learnt from, and continue to learn from, their mistakes. EduCaveman is written with honesty and humour which is rooted in decades of experience. This is a brilliant book, brimming with hope and celebration of what is great about teachers, schools and education.

Bob Twells and Dave Cole

This is a book in which the exploration of school culture is at the heart and soul of the text. Our hope is that it can be used as a practical tool which will help the reader towards creating culturally aware schools in which staff can take joy in their role and contentment in their contributions; schools in which all members are confident to take the steps necessary to create a culture that acknowledges strengths and build upon them. With clear steps and simple strategies, this book will help educators create school communities that encourage all members to support and nurture each other through those long weeks and terms.

Our wish is that the book may bring the people in our wonderful professional closer together. The last thing we want is for it to be used to polarise opinion. The book does not intend to trump the art of teaching over the science of teaching or vice versa.

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Hope For Education

In a time when national surveys and the media describe a beleaguered profession this book offers real hope. It provides a much-needed alternative approach, with a refocus of energy on the importance of improving the school culture to reignite the enjoyment and passion for this noblest of professions. It takes you by the hand and reintroduces you to the core purpose and reason for turning up daily.

With the ever-growing challenge of teacher retention, there has never been a more important time to focus on getting school culture right. This book couldn’t be more timely – it is your three-year cultural action plan! Get the culture right, and happiness, outcomes and mental health will all follow.

Recommendations For Educaveman

Sir John Jones, Educator and one of the world’s most popular speakers on change in education:

Great educators are not hard to find, seriously difficult to say goodbye to and always impossible to forget. This book will remind you of the legacy such people leave in the hearts and minds of all those they serve. Billy Connolly said that it is the responsibility of every human being to leave the world a little bit less beige than they found it. This book will leave you energised, enthused and inspired by its warm glow of possibility. If you care about schools and the people within them, then this book is for you.

Stefan Krummaker, Professor of Leadership Practice at Queen Mary University of London:

This book is a manifesto for ‘positive education.’ An education with energy, passion and enthusiasm which has the power to create an appetite for learning and, thus, transform pupils’ future perspectives. It provides a simple leadership blueprint on how to build trust, high-quality relationships and a positive learning culture, which makes all the difference.

Karen Gale, experienced class teacher:

The suggestions are not prescriptive or rigid but can be used appropriately by anyone who works in a school, whether in leadership or not. If only one energised person from each school could take on some aspects of this book, I believe it would make a significant difference over time. If a few people with different roles joined forces to spread the practices described, the change could be huge!

About Bob Twells and Dave Cole

Bob Twells and Dave Cole on The Table Read
Bob Twells and Dave Cole

Having obtained a classical law degree from the University of Exeter, Dave secured a job in financial services. Motivated by people and the desire to help others, it wasn’t long before the world of education came knocking. Following a PGCE at Greenwich University, Dave secured his first teaching role at Furzefield Primary School.

This is where he met Bob, and their combined learning journey began. During those times, Bob and Dave spent many an hour discussing people, relationships, fun, and a passion for empowering children and adults, which still sits at the heart of their work. It was during this time that the idea for Educaveman was spawned.

In 2016, Dave founded Shine Education and Training, which has allowed him to work with hundreds of education professionals in different settings. His guiding aim is to ensure that his work leaves teachers and leaders feeling empowered and energised.

Bob left school with one O Level at grade 6 (honestly!) and joined the RAF, educating himself while serving. He was awarded an Air Officer’s Commendation for meritorious service in conjunction with the New Year Honours List on January 1st 1977. After completing a BEd, he enjoyed a 32-year career in schools, spending 20 of those as a Headteacher with many successes along the way, including Surrey School of the Year 2001 and South East Region Headteacher of the Year in the National Teaching Awards 2000.

Bob and Dave are National Trainers of the Year – NASBTT Awards

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