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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Everything the Darkness Eats by rock trio The Dionysus Effect new track is an ode to the award-winning novel of the same name by Eric LaRocca.

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Everything The Darkness Eats

New single, Everything The Darkness Eats By The Dionysus Effect, features chilling electric and haunting acoustic riffs that play tug of war against each other.

Written as an ode to the award-winning novel of the same name, by horror and dark fiction author Eric LaRocca, it features chilling electric and acoustic guitars coupled with a dark feverish vocal performance. As vocalist Christoph Paul ruminates on the nature of our unspoken fears, he delivers a darkly feverish performance that celebrates fear and crafts an occult atmosphere that pokes and prods at the demons within. 

As a band, we are all huge fans of horror and really see horror and rock music as artistic siblings. With Eric’s novel, it took me back to being a kid reading and watching Clive Barker for the first time. Barker created such hellish memorable worlds with THE DAMNATION GAME and HELLRAISER and felt Eric did something the same with Henley’s Edge in EVERYTHING THE DARKNESS EATS. Eric’s book tapped something deep in me with my own trauma and battles with depression and I wanted to express that—luckily I’m a songwriter.

-The Dionysus Effect

The Dionysus Effect

The Dionysus Effect on The Table Read Magazine
The Dionysus Effect

Dionysus was a Greek God, who in ancient times brought about ecstasy, insanity and ritual madness, mirroring when the band performs their live show and puts the audience under a trance — that is The Dionysus Effect. 

Formed in a dark basement, New York-based rock trio, The Dionysus Effect have a passion for writing songs that conjure up raw energy with catchy, boundary-pushing hooks. Members, Christoph Paul (lead vocals/ bass), Sean Quinn Hanley (guitar/backup vocals), and Brett Petersen (drums) combine their diverse musical backgrounds and talents for a unique explosion of sound.

Their music, described as Cocaine Rock, is an enthralling hybrid of grunge rock, darkwave indie, alt-rock and pop, that forges a poetic expression filled with furious arena energy and blends several different eras of rock.

With songs ranging from stories about a cuckold named Darryl, going to rehab because of heroin addiction, and a love that feels like joining a cult. Encapsulating the influence the band has on many of their listeners, the name ‘The Dionysus Effect’ is when the passion overtakes you and you feel most alive with Dionysus energy.  

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