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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Jared Whitaker’s Why Didn’t You Just Leave Them? was written to help break down misconceptions and challenge the stereotypes that so often surround this misunderstood topic.

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Why Didn’t You Just Leave Them?

Opening up a much needed conversation, Jared Whitaker’s book Why Didn’t You Just Leave Them? was written for victims of domestic abuse, and male victims in particular.

Why didn’t you just leave them?

Can’t have been that bad if you stayed? You’re both as bad as each other.

Why didn’t you tell anyone? Why didn’t you go to the police?

Was it actually that bad? Was it even abuse? You must like it.

Aren’t you overreacting? I’d never put up with that. That would never happen to me.

-Why Didn’t You Just Leave Them? by Jared Whitaker

Recounting his own personal experiences, and offering practical advice and strategies, Why Didn’t You Just Leave Them? unravels the perennial misconceptions that surround why victims stay with their abusers, including fear, shattered self-esteem and more, and dismantles stereotypes. It also shares exercises to help recognise the signs of abuse steps to take to gain back control.

Why Didn't You Just Leave Them? by Jared Whitaker on The Table Read Magazine
Why Didn’t You Just Leave Them? by Jared Whitaker

Why Didn’t You Just Leave Them? uniquely centres on the often overlooked male victims of abuse and makes compelling reading for both victims and those looking to support loved ones or broaden their understanding of this serious issue.

In a world where misconceptions about emotional abusive relationships are rampant, understanding and empathy are desperately needed. Many survivors face damaging questions like, Why didn’t you just leave? and suffer in silence due to widespread ignorance about the nature of abuse.

For anyone seeking to comprehend the complexities of domestic abuse, understand narcissism, and support those affected, having the right tool is crucial! Why Didn’t You Just Leave Them? by Jared Whitaker, is that essential support you’ve been looking for because it didn’t start with you.

This healing book for men offers a deep dive into the realities of abusive relationships, written from the heartfelt perspective of a male survivor. Our self-help book for mental health dismantles harmful myths and provides understanding of the psychological and emotional manipulation that traps victims.

Topics Included:

Understanding Abuse Dynamics: Our book for healing the shame that binds you explains the complex dynamics of abusive relationships. It reveals how psychological and emotional manipulation traps victims, helping readers understand why surviving narcissistic abuse or leaving isn’t simple.

Personal Stories and Real-life Experiences: The book features personal narratives from the author’s own experiences as a male survivor, providing authenticity and empathy for overcoming emotional abuse, and for narcissistic abuse recovery.

Debunking Myths and Stereotypes: Our book challenges myths and stereotypes about healing from domestic abuse, fostering a more informed and compassionate dialogue. It helps you to recognize and understand abuse beyond common misconceptions.

Practical Advice and Strategies: Offering actionable advice, the book guides you on identifying abuse, seeking help, and starting the healing process. These strategies empower victims to take steps towards recovery and forgiving what you can’t forget.

Empowerment and Healing Exercises: Included are practical exercises to help recognize signs of abuse, how to heal toxic thoughts, and take control. These exercises aim to empower survivors, helping them rebuild their lives and self-worth.

A Resource for Support Networks: This mental health book is invaluable for friends, family, and professionals supporting abuse survivors. It provides insights on offering effective support and understanding about healing from abusive relationships, making it a crucial resource for anyone aiding a loved one.

Transforming the Conversation: By promoting understanding, empathy, and practical solutions, healing from hidden abuse book aims to change the conversation around domestic abuse. It encourages a compassionate and proactive approach to addressing abuse.

Combining personal experience, thorough analysis, advice, and empowering exercises, our book is essential for survivors and their support networks to understand domestic abuse, narcissism, and healing after trauma.

Jared Whitaker

Jared Whitaker on The Table Read Magazine
Jared Whitaker

Jared Whitaker was born in South Africa, but now lives in England, with his partner and children.

He writes books that focus on serious topics, ranging from children’s books on bullying, to adult books on domestic abuse and narcissism.

He studied at the University of Manchester and worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, including being CEO of a global technology business, before deciding to follow his passion of writing.

He now tries to spread awareness of serious issues and topics, and campaigns to try and educate people about them in order to help current and future victims.

For a hobby, Jared trains and competes in Strongman.

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