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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Phil Ryan, musician and co-founder of The Big Issue, has released The Adventures of Splodge the Magnificent through his literature website,

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The Adventures Of Splodge The Magnificent

With his latest ebook, The Adventures of Splodge the Magnificent, celebrated musician and co-founder of The Big Issue, Phil Ryan, is venturing into new creative territories.

An enchanting tale set in the quaint streets of North London, readers are taken into a world where cats are not just pets, but the heroes of their own stories. With a distinctive storytelling voice, imbued with his rich life experiences, Phil Ryan makes this story a captivating read for both cat enthusiasts and fans of his multifaceted career.

Splodge the Magnificent is a very extraordinary cat. She lives with her humans in a quiet corner of North London where a whole amazing world within a world can be found. A universe of cats exists in the small streets and gardens she calls home. Or, to use modern parlance, a multiverse of purrs.

For anybody owned by a cat, or for those who amusingly believe that they own a cat (cats do find this funny), you’ll recognise how things work. In The Adventures Of Splodge The Magnificent, you’ll meet Splodge’s feline friends as well as Splodge’s humans in a story full of adventures and drama and love that will lift you up, make you smile, feel good and brighten your day. Journey beyond the cat flap and put your best paw forwards into a world you never imagined existed.

Released solely on Ryan’s site,, the story of Splodge The Magnificent transcends the typical pet narrative, offering a sneaky glimpse into a universe where cats reign supreme and each purr is a tale in itself, delivered with the charm and wit that only a virtuoso like Ryan could deliver.

The Story Hive

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The Story Hive is the home of amazing audio stories, all completely free. Designed for easy streaming, the Story Hive brings you a collection of exclusive audio entertainment that you can listen to anywhere – whether you’re home, walking in the park, in the car, on a train or a plane, by the ocean, alone or with your loved ones.

The Story Hive features a cornucopia of short stories, serialized novels and novellas, and radio plays by London-based author Phil Ryan. With themes ranging from the dark to the humorous, the amazing to the silly, and the thoughtful to the unbelievable, as well as a whole section especially for children, there’s a story for every listener and every mood.

Phil Ryan

Creating Splodge’s adventures was excellent fun, and that’s what I believe writing is all about. I want my readers to feel that joy and be entertained and enchanted in equal measure.

When I founded The Story Hive, it was with the aim to share my creativity with a wider audience, but also to offer people the chance to listen to stories for free. We all deserve the chance to add a little vibrance and colour to our everyday lives, and I believe The Story Hive site delivers that in spades. There’s something electrifying about listening to a storyteller’s words and letting yourself be swept away by their imagination – it calls to mind the way our ancestors would sit around their fires and entertain each other long into the night.

That’s the ethos behind both Splodge and The Story Hive – the true magic of creating and sharing that creativity with others.

-Phil Ryan
Phil Ryan on The Table Read Magazine
Phil Ryan

Phil Ryan is a figure of many facets – a visionary entrepreneur, a talented musician, and a creative writer. His journey from co-founding The Big Issue, headlining major music venues, and establishing cultural landmarks, to creating The Story Hive and authoring novels, showcases his dynamic and diverse talents.

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Known for his charismatic presence and his contributions to the cultural tapestry of London, Ryan’s latest venture into literature with ‘The Adventures of Splodge the Magnificent’ cements his status as a true renaissance man of our times.

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