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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Wabi Sabi, the new album from Australian indie pop band, The Moving Stills, covers themes from heartbreak to falling in love, and being around your favourite people.

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The Moving Stills

Friendly neighbourhood indie pop band, The Moving Stills from the Central Coast NSW (Darkinjung Country), established a reputation for danceable alt-indie pop tracks that float through the coastal air. Their vibrant melodies and nostalgic sounds have pop hooks that glide through a dance floor full of heart and warmth.

The Moving Stills on The Table Read Magazine
The Moving Stills

In Feb 2022, the band became a viral hit on Tiktok with their cover of Tears For Fears song Everybody Wants To Rule The World collating over 79k video uses and a bunch of views and likes of the cover. even getting a nod from Tears For Fears themselves.

The Moving Stills have recently ticked off another milestone that is triple j’s Like A Version, injecting some of that fun and wholesome energy into covering Ladyhawke’s My Delirium.

The much lauded feel-good four piece continue to establish themselves in the live circuit, supporting bands such as Spacey Jane, Nothing But Thieves and Lime Cordiale, as well as performing on festival stages including Party In The Paddock, The Big Pineapple, BIGSOUND and Woodford Folk Festival.

The Moving Stills have been on the road so much lately, their van has a residency at the local mechanic. They’ve sold out their own headline shows around the country, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and their hometown of the Central Coast.

Wabi Sabi

For The Moving Stills’ sophomore album, Wabi Sabi, they have artnered up with Izaac Wilson on production, and honed their indie pop sound as well as explored new grooves.

This collection of songs that capture the last few years for the band in their personal lives, as well as life as a touring band, with themes covering everything from heartbreak to upbeat tracks that talk about love and being around your favourite people.

We wanted to keep the honesty there on this album, and write about our experiences and so we’ve been very open in expressing our feelings in these songs. 

We wanted to introduce new feelings and vibes, to those on our first record Sunshine Corner. Whilst maintaining a lot of the key elements of our previous tunes, we delved into making a spread of new flavours.

With songs like Drive Home, In Your City and the title-track Wabi Sabi, we leaned into a more groove based feel. Songs that you can immediately vibe out to. On the other hand, we had songs like Volcano and Best Friend, which showcases a more upbeat side to our sound. Definitely works well at gigs and on the dancefloor.

-The Moving Stills

Two years ago The Moving Stills bought a tour van to run around Australia in. The experience came with its share of problems, but it’s made up for those in memories. 

In your City tells the tale of long drives in the tour van and playing shows which lead to late nights catching up with friends… then getting in the car and doing it the next night in the next city.

-Mikey, The Moving Sitlls

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