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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, the debut album from GRAYTheBand, All Done, is a poignant look at the insidious nature of modern society, relationships, and the complexities of self-preservation.

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Edmonton-based alternative, neo-soul, R&B project, GRAYTheBand, is fronted by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Gray Ford, as he collaborates with a cast of rotating artists. Blending traditional instrumentation with modern production, GRAYTheBand forms an unfiltered yet refined take on the genre.

GRAYTheBand on The Table Read Magazine

Through an intoxicating sonic soundscape and heartfelt, emotional lyricism, GRAYTheBand is commanding the attention of listeners across the globe.

All Done

Honouring the Edmonton music scene, GRAYTheBand recently recorded a long-awaited debut album, All Done, which offers a poignant look at the insidious nature of modern society, relationships, and the complexities of self-preservation. With an overarching theme of love and disparity, the album will resonate with listeners from all walks of life as we navigate this world, conquering the ups and downs. 

Funded by the Alberta Foundations for the Arts, eight tracks were recorded with Royal Studio’s Arnel Ethier and feature masterful local talents such as K-Riz and Janay Thomas. All Done is the product of steadfast collaborative effort and a vital contribution to the genre, with a polished yet raw approach which complements Gray’s warm, melismatic vocal style, capturing a powerful sound. 

The album includes tracks such as title track All Done, which is an emotional introduction to the album which references overcoming a particular period in one’s life that was exceptionally challenging. In Locked In, Gray cheekily compares the speaker’s ambivalence in engaging in a relationship to signing a loan contract.

The last song on the album, That Much Of A Life is testament to the transformative power of boldly embracing a love that otherwise seemed impossible, bookending not only the outlier anthemic folk sound we observe on the first and last songs but also reinforcing the theme of death and rebirth

The song explores feelings of gratitude and wonder experienced while forging an unanticipated bond with someone who will forever change our sense of self and purpose.

-Gray Ford

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