Gripping New Crime Novel That Gets Up Close And Personal With The Asian Underworld

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When Bill and Rachel Brown embark on a dream trip to South East Asia, nobody could have imagined that it would turn into a full-on living nightmare.

Drip By Drip

With the premise of Will Linsdell’s novel inspired by his 2015 trip to Cambodia, this intrepid traveller (he has visited over 70 countries) and author delivers a first work of fiction that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat but also make you eternally grateful for all those holidays that have been enjoyed without a hitch.

Drip By Drip by Will Linsdell on The Table read

Fast-paced and with meticulous attention to detail when it comes to the locations in which his novel is set, the characterisation of Drip by Drip’s main protagonists is exceptional and takes stereotypical middle-class Bill and Rachel unwittingly into a world of crime, murder and terror.

A book that will appeal equally to fans of crime novels and armchair adventurers, here’s hoping the author uses many of his other travel adventures as inspiration to write more fiction.


When Bill and Rachel Brown embarked on a dream trip to South East Asia, nobody could have imagined that it would turn into a full-on living nightmare. What had started out so well in the Cambodian capital was to take a turn for the worse, before suddenly spiralling dramatically into a situation that would put the lives of the devoted couple and all of their loved ones in grave danger. Could they find it within themselves to escape from the clutches of a ruthless underworld organisation, or would the seemingly impossible odds of survival prove insurmountable?

About Will Linsdell

Will, or Wilbur as he is known in certain circles, is a passionate traveller, but the current restrictions have brought his favourite pastime to a crashing halt.

He says: “Luckily I love to write too. With over seventy countries visited thus far, there is so much more to do on my bucket list that I feel I have barely scratched the surface. Passionate about rail as a means of exploration, top of my list is to do the 17,000 KM train journey from Portugal to Ho Chi Minh City. Clearly this will need to wait until I have more time on my hands, but it will happen one day. I love to travel, enjoy the thrill of exposing myself to unusual situations and am fascinated by cultures that differ from my own.”

Will Linsdell has also published ‘Travelling By Train Across The Balkans’, and ‘This is How it Feels to be City’, a book about another of his passions, Manchester City, both on the Hornbill Publishing label and available from Amazon.

“My latest book was inspired by my 2015 trip to Cambodia, where I was enthralled by the majesty of the ancient Khmer civilisation, but equally appalled by the evil crimes committed by the Khmer Rouge regime of the mid to late seventies. No visit to Cambodia would be complete without taking in the macabre Killing Fields or the chilling detention centres. Only then can you even begin to understand the horrors that millions of innocent people were subjected to. Horrors that are impossible to extinguish completely.

‘Drip By Drip’ is the tale of an ordinary holidaying couple who become unwittingly entangled with a ruthless underworld organisation that was born out of the post-Vietnam War/Khmer Rouge turmoil. Could they survive to tell the incredible tale, and if so, at what cost?”

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Published by Hornbill Publishing, ‘Drip by Drip’ is available on Amazon in both paperback (£10.00) and Kindle format (£2.99) – ‘Drip by Drip’ paperback and ‘Drip by Drip’ Kindle edition

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