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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, The Foundation – An Innocents Story by Patrick Barrins explores issues around euthanasia and the cost of life.

The Foundation – An Innocents Story

The Foundation – An Innocents Story, written by former paramedic Patrick Barrins, is a suspenseful read that brings the morality and dangers of euthanasia to the forefront. The reader follows the journey from the Netherlands through Scotland, France, and Australia, where Elizabeth’s terrifying nightmare reaches its ultimate climax. Elizabeth’s caretaker, Diana, is there to meet all of her needs, so all she can hope for is to safeguard her life. However, sibling rivalry comes to a head when Elizabeth’s “mother” is offered a promotion that will change her life. A one-way trip to Dr. Vanderman’s The Foundation is one of the sinister plans Sarah has for her daughter.

The Foundation – An Innocents Story immerses the reader in a clever and perplexing plot that revolves around euthanasia. Patrick Barrins uses his Scottish heritage and appreciation for first-responder emergency care to great effect, making his narration appear plausible and real. Even though he only started writing during the Covid lockdowns, his character development is superb, with his protagonists exhibiting a wide range of feelings, from love and compassion to pure greed and evil.

The Foundation - An Innocents Story by Patrick Barrins on The Table Read Magazine
The Foundation – An Innocents Story

Not only does Patrick Barrins’s third novel offer a suspenseful and perplexing tale, but it also brings to light a very current topic that, with all of us living longer, is destined to elicit reactions and diverge opinions.

Synopsis of The Foundation – An Innocents Story

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Elizabeth sensed danger from those that were supposed to protect her.

What would it be like to live in a world where power and success were all that mattered? Where the elderly and disabled became a burden on society. Where draconian laws were passed to eradicate the problem. A country where good people, destroyed for challenging the morality of extreme government measures.

All she ever wanted was to be loved and valued by her carer. Diana cherished that role and was prepared to do anything to protect her disabled friend.

Then Sarah intervened. She thirsted for fame and money and hated Diana for her total commitment to her dependent sibling. Would she destroy her to pursue her dream? Even if that meant murder.

Dr Vanderman was a narcissist who had created “The Foundation” to provide End of Life care for his wealthy clientele. But what was really going on inside this secure compound? The Mayor of Marseille was a man with a violent past and he was determined to meet Dr Vanderman… A Health Minister who had a secret that she could no longer hide.The search for Elizabeth begins on a remote Scottish peninsula. Elizabeth woke up to that world.

Patrick Barrins on The Table Read Magazine
Patrick Barrins

Patrick Barrins

Patrick Barrins is married, has a daughter named Angela, and resides in the historic city of Edinburgh.

“The Scottish Government is at present debating this very subject,” said Patrick Barrins. “An issue that starts off with good intentions but soon reaches into areas that are clearly controversial. We see this in countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada. The Foundation is a disturbing fictional story of just what can go wrong if the state intervenes unchecked into our personal lives. Where finance becomes the goal in deciding what to do with sick, frail and disabled in society. I retired from front line care after 36 years as a paramedic. During the covid crisis, took up writing. This is my third book and relates to a subject which has always concerned me. Euthanasia. I enjoy golf and play chess within a club… lateral thinking the key!”

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Independently published, The Foundation (An Innocents Story) is available in hardcover (£16.13), paperback (£7.50) and Kindle format (£2.75 or free via Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon as follows:  / and

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