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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Will Turner Brett’s The Movie Wheel explores the connection between cinematic genres and emotions and uses colour as a visual reference to help you choose the right movie for your mood.

The Movie Wheel by Will Turner Brett on The Table Read Magazine
The Movie Wheel by Will Turner Brett

The Movie Wheel: How to Choose What to Watch Using Colour

Independent film maker and first-time author Will Turner Brett offers a fascinating and novel approach to deciding what to watch next on Prime, Netflix or any of the myriad of streaming sites currently available in his new book, The Movie Wheel: How to Choose What to Watch Using Colour.

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Perfectly capturing the streaming zeitgeist, this innovative new book explores the utterly compelling and pioneering concept of using colours to match with the emotions you will feel when you watch a movie. Garnering a multitude of praiseworthy reviews (an impressive 91% of his 79 reviews to-date are five and four stars), it’s his innate appreciation and understanding of colour which makes a whole lot more sense as he is in fact a distant relation of renowned artist and watercolourist, JMW Turner.

If you ever get fed up with scrolling through categories on streaming sites then this is the book for you! Each genre has its opposite, and mixing genres is essential for every movie. Don’t fall victim to a restrictive algorithm – instead of doom-scrolling the evening away, try selecting a movie by using The Movie Wheel: How to Choose What to Watch Using Colour to better predict the emotions you will experience.

The Movie Wheel also includes a mini colour-coded film directory with original artwork, making it a great gift for young people and anybody who enjoys a good movie.

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Will Turner Brett

Will Turner Brett is an independent filmmaker and first-time author.

Both of my grandfathers were experts with colour – one with watercolours and the other with pencils, before the days of colour printing. Not only this but my distant ancestor JMW Turner was renowned for his vibrant paintings. I find colour to be the perfect metaphor for genre. This is best understood visually, so I decided to put together some examples in order to demonstrate how my ancestors’ wisdom also applies to the world of cinema.

-Will Turner BretT

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