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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in The Window Gazer, Patricia Tosi encourages post-pandemic youngsters to embrace their fears with her story of Luna, an indoors cat who dreams of exploring the world outside.

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The Window Gazer by Patricia Tosi on The Table Read Magazine
The Window Gazer by Patricia Tosi

The Window Gazer

Patricia Tosi’s debut children’s book, The Window Gazer, delights on a whole host of levels.

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Written for young readers, aged three to seven, The Window Gazer follows Luna, a cat who wishes she were brave enough to leave the safety of home to explore the world outdoors. As well as being an enchanting story, Luna as a poignant metaphor for the hurdles many children continue to face through the post-pandemic era, giving The Window Gazer an appreciative audience in parents, teachers and others supporting children’s wellbeing.

Luna is an adorable indoor cat who lives a cozy life filled with love and comfort, however, she has a secret longing. Luna dreams of exploring the world beyond her window.

In her heartwarming journey, Luna teaches young readers that stepping out of their comfort zones can lead to the most magical and exciting discoveries as she becomes a wise and fearless feline who inspires everyone to embrace new experiences and follow their dreams.

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Luna’s transformation from fearful feline to courageous and curious adventurer is beautifully illustrated by Fariha Wahad and destined to become a bedtime favourite. It also provides a helpful and valuable starting point for parents, educators and mental health professionals to initiate crucial conversations about overcoming fears and building resilience.

Patricia Tosi

Many children are grappling with heightened anxiety and fear, especially when it involves stepping outside their comfort zones. ‘The Window Gazer’ aims to instill a sense of hope and empowerment, illustrating that with love and support, children can navigate their fears and discover the beauty that lies beyond.

-Patricia Tosi

Patricia Tosi is a captivating new voice in children’s literature with a talent for crafting compelling narratives that blend emotion and suspense to take readers on unforgettable journeys into the heart of human experience. Her debut book, The Window Gazer, promises to enchant and inspire children to face their fears to try new challenges.

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