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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, lifestyle guru Rebecca Myers released new book, Live Happy: Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Happier Human, to help readers feel better from the inside out.

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Live Happy: Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Happier Human

In a world where we are bombarded with health and well-being labels, leading-edge lifestyle guru Rebecca Myers knows the power of defining yourself from the inside out to live a happier life.

In her new book Live Happy: Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Happier Human, she shares the ultimate recipe for greater happiness and well-being as a human, by fusing Feeling, Moving and Eating together, By exploring the psychology and emotional well-being of everyday lives, Rebecca offers her readers Action Time activities as you can read a plethora of books, but without action, no change will take place.

Much of her book reflects her holistic Live Happy app, which readers can download and use alongside the book. Live Happy adopts a multimedia approach by using video, the app and written exercises, ensuring that Rebecca reaches as many people as possible using different learning styles to keep the reader engaged and on track to living happier lives.

Live Happy is divided into three sections – Feel, Move, Eat – where Rebecca combines her expertise as a mental health first aider, personal trainer and nutrition coach. Her philosophy about being happy promotes a range of lifestyle habits that are important for overall health, as when you are happy, you are more likely to eat healthier and move more. 

Strive to find balance in your life and it will generally work out for you. Balance is the key!

-Rebecca Myers


Being realistic, Rebecca does not only describe happiness, but considers the opposite side of the coin, and has coined the term ‘anti-happiness’, bringing her readers’ attention to their awareness of what brings negativity to their lives.

Rebecca Myers on The Table Read Magazine
Rebecca Myers

The ‘Feel’ section is based on a happiness survey of over 100 people that Rebecca conducted as a framework for writing the book. She discovered that family, pets, hobbies, music and alone time are among the things that make people happier, so establishing positive habits in these areas allows you to become a happier human.

The ‘Move’ section contains workouts for both home and gym, beginner to advanced, where readers can access Rebecca demonstrating the exercises via a QR code.

The final section, ‘Eat’, features tried-and-tested recipes that are also available on the Live Happy app.

Rebecca Myers

Rebecca, from Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, is the founder of Live Happy, the health and well-being company. Live Happy consists of a network of physical gym facilities, a holistic app product, and a host of corporate health and well-being consultative services. 

She is also a mum to two demanding ‘tweenage’ boys and wife to long-suffering husband, Sam.

My philosophy on life is that we aren’t on this planet for that long, so make the most of it as opposed to thinking ‘I could have done more’.

-Rebecca Myers

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