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Written by JJ Barnes

I previously wrote about the making of our first feature film, Hollowhood. Today it has been announced that the film will premier on October 1st at 7pm (GMT) on the Siren Stories YouTube Channel.

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Making Hollowhood

Hollowhood is a little film made by a cast and crew of people driven by love for the story, and for one another. We formed such a wonderful connection and lifelong friendships, and I truly believe that it comes through in the energy our film has.

We learned a lot making this film, and the truly cemented our passions for filmmaking. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, creativity is an incredibly vulnerable thing to do. Not everybody will like, appreciate or understand the thing you have poured your heart and soul into. And a rejection of the thing you have created feels like a rejection of your own personal truth. But, because creatives are driven in a deep and true way, we do it anyway. We risk it. We put ourselves out for the world to judge. With Hollowhood we lay ourselves out for you.

If you love films that are funny, scary, spooky, quirky, and full of heart, then Hollowhood might just be the perfect film for you.

I am incredibly proud of our hard work and I truly love this film, the soundtrack, and the performers. I am SO excited to share it all with you.

About Hollowhood

Olivia and her ex-girlfriend Penny are reuniting for their friend Natasha’s Halloween weekend away in Hollowhood.

At first Olivia dreams of reigniting the love she and Penny shared, but the creepy locals, the peculiar priest, and a man whose wife went missing five years ago change those plans. Soon Olivia isn’t focused on whether she and Penny can fall back in love, she’s focused on whether she and Penny can survive.

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The Cast Of Hollowhood

I would work with every single one of these performers for the rest of my life. Their hard work, dedication, passion, and wonderful spirit is why this film exists.

In the lead roles are:

KATE MARRIS – Olivia Harkness

VICKY BURKE – Penelope Jones

LEO PARKES – Andy Harkness

JENNIE WALSH – Natasha Buckingham


and me, JJ BARNES – Bethany Palmer.

Meet the rest of the cast here:

Hollowhood Premier

The PREMIER of Hollowhood is October 1st at 7pm. Set a reminder HERE and join us!

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