I Want To Stop Procrastinating Now

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I Want To Stop Procrastinating NowTM

NEW:  Six-Step Workbook from Leading Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

  • The practical workbook highlights the emotional triggers of procrastination.
  • Acknowledges problems of procrastination – from money issues to health problems.
  • 20 easy to use exercise sheets within the book.
  • Uses the proven MUSCLE technique – experienced by hundreds of clients.
I Want To Stop Procrastinating Now by Paul Grantham on The Table Read

I Want To Stop Procrastinating Now

I Want To Stop Procrastinating NowTM is a six-step programme workbook to help understand and eliminate procrastination, from Professor Paul Grantham.

Professor Grantham is a leading Clinical Psychologist in the UK and has used the programme with hundreds of his clients for the past 10 years.  His expertise and course foundation is now condensed into one easy-to-use book. 

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

Approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Research has shown that over time, procrastination has the corrosive effect of further breeding indecisiveness, uncertainty and lack of confidence. 

Despite the number of self-help books available, Professor Grantham found that his clients just never seemed to be able to put any of the theory into practice. It quickly became clear these books had key factors that were missing. 

Factors that related to the lack of a good scientific understanding of motivation, feelings, beliefs and behaviour change.

“The more I worked with my clients on the problem the clearer it became to me that procrastination was primarily about Uncomfortable Feelings Intolerance (UFI).”  Professor Grantham explains.

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The programme uses Integrated CBT blended with motivational techniques to ensure the change is long-lasting.

The A4 book contains over 130 pages guiding the reader through understanding the emotional triggers and blockages that stop the reader from living their best life.   The workbook is ideal for everyday readers or professionals to use with their clients. Published in early October,    I Want To Stop Procrastinating NowTM  has already reached number one in the best-selling psychology books on Amazon.

Packed with helpful case studies and 20 worksheets, I Want To Stop Procrastinating NowTM uses the proven MUSCLE technique that can help the reader improve their health, finances, job prospects and home life.

M – for Motivate

U – Uncomfortable Feelings Intolerance

S – Spot (spot those unhelpful thoughts).

C – Change

L – Learn – using the If/Then technique.

E – Engage

.Professor Paul Grantham says:

Procrastination is a problem you can deal with as long as you recognise that it’s something you do to manage feelings.  Time-management strategies aren’t the answer.  Procrastination is a habit.  This course unravels the emotional feelings that are stopping you from doing things.

“Procrastination can stop you from seeking medical advice for an issue you are worried about;  it can cost you money if you put off paying bills;  it can stop you from pursuing a dream job or hobby.

I Want To Stop Procrastinating NowTM was developed with the two-day course of the same name which is approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

More about Paul Grantham:

Paul Grantham

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Professor of Clinical Psychology PSMedUni

Accredited CBT Therapist

Director of SDS Seminars Ltd

Paul Grantham is also the author of:

Practical Applications of Solution Focused Therapy: Worksheets to Use with Clients (2016);

Practical Approaches to Motivating Clients:  A Workbook of Essential Motivational Skills for Therapists (2017).

He is the presenter of over 26 training videos and the editor of a further 33 training resources including the Essential CBT Skills Series.

I Want To Stop Procrastinating NowTM – Available through Amazon price £8.95

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