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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Crete’s premier boutique-style hotel for independent solo travellers, the Mistral, is hosting unique breaks themed on Yoga, relaxation and the chance to learn more about the island’s healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Crete’s premier boutique-style hotel for independent solo travellers is hosting unique breaks themed on Yoga, relaxation and the chance to learn more about the island’s healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Mistral Hotel

A Yoga and Wellbeing Week (4-11 October) at the Mistral Hotel in Maleme near Chania will allow guests to experience stress-free days of healing and inner peace to help rebalance their busy lifestyles.

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Meanwhile, the Flavours of Crete Week (11-18 October) is a unique opportunity to eat the finest Mediterranean food, discover more about the provenance of delicious ingredients, and learn how to cook a range of traditional Cretan dishes.

The Yoga and Wellbeing break sees guests immersed in a healthier approach to life with organic vegetarian food, herbal teas, massage, sound therapy and Yoga sessions for all levels.

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Yoga Retreat

Hotel guest manager Anja Tsifaki said: “The stay combines the tranquillity of a Yoga retreat with the delights of a holiday that will subtly awaken the senses with activities and therapies inspired by touch, sight, sound, scent and flavour.”

At the heart of the themed break is five Yoga sessions led by instructor Aspasia, who has created a programme that combines Hatha, Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga with mudras and marmas, and is specifically designed to restore health and vitality.

The week also includes a full regenerative body massage with sweet almond oil and organic extra virgin olive oil; sound healing therapy with a ‘gong bath’ where participants are immersed in the vibrations of the instruments during a session; visits to the Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete and a walk through the charming alleys around the Venetian harbour at Chania.

Mediterranean Food

Flavours of Crete showcases the island’s healthy Mediterranean diet in a feast of the finest food and drink, highlighting traditional dishes and ingredients, and underlining why the island’s culinary offering is considered the healthiest on earth.

The food-focused week features hands-on cookery classes, a behind-the-scenes insight into olive oil production, foraging in the hotel garden, wine tasting, and the opportunity to meet local artisan producers and restaurateurs to discuss dishes and ingredients, as well as dine in the Mistral Hotel restaurant where the emphasis is on “homegrown, home-made” Cretan fayre.

Excursions include visits to wonderful beaches, and a trip out for a fish lunch at Sfinari to savour the famous Kakavia soup. Each guest also receives a bottle of the family olive oil to take home.

delicious appetizer with boiled lobster and wine

Hotel owner Adonis Gialamarakis said: “During both weeks, our guests will enjoy organic fruit and vegetables harvested from our own hotel garden, along with our own extra-virgin olive oil.

“Locally sourced goat and sheep cheeses are complemented by Greek yoghurt, fish from the Aegean, and an extensive variety of vegetarian dishes that make the Cretan diet so healthy.”

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Visit The Mistral Hotel

With a friendly and welcoming ambience, the award-winning Mistral Hotel has 35 luxury double rooms – all for single occupancy – two pools, a spa, outdoor bar and a restaurant serving the finest Cretan cuisine.

Within easy reach of stunning beaches such as Elafonisi or Falasarna and many historic and archaeological sites, the Mistral is renowned for the traditional Cretan cuisine it serves.

* The Yoga and Wellbeing Week is 1309 euro and Flavours of Crete is 1239 euro.

** Seven nights in a standard room at the Mistral during the season starts from 959 euro.

The Mistral Hotel, now in its 30th season, is located at Maleme near Chania in western Crete. Run by the Gialamarakis family, it is open from April to mid-October and along with offering excursions showcasing the best of western Crete, it also hosts walking, cultural, photographic, wellness, and cookery themed weeks and is within easy reach of fabulous beaches such as Falasarna and Elafonisi, as well as the Samaria Gorge.

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