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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, with the creation of InnoVision Talent & Casting (ITC), the national agency InnoVision Marketing Group is expanding its capabilities and in-house services.


InnoVision Talent & Casting

InnoVision Talent & Casting is actively looking for actors, models, voiceover talent, and extras to add to their current talent roster ahead of their formal announcement to production companies, studios, photographers, and other advertising agencies on June 1, 2023.

Innovision Talent & Casting on The Table Read Magazine
Innovision Talent & Casting

The new talent and casting entity will complement InnoVision Marketing Group’s current five divisions and services, which include brand strategy, advertising, creative, film production, digital media, traditional media, public relations, and Grupo Espaol. It was born from one of the most reputable agencies in the country.

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Diverse And Inclusive

By accepting a roster that is more diverse and inclusive, providing opportunities to underrepresented groups, people of all backgrounds, and never charging anyone to be on their roster, ITC seeks to challenge conventional casting and talent agencies. Their fee structure, in which each member of their roster receives 100% of their earnings without commissions, will be their main point of differentiation from other talent and casting agencies.

The media and advertising industries have had a significant lack of diversity and inclusion for a number of years. This is a problem that InnoVision Talent & Casting is tackling head-on, accepting talent from all walks of life. There is a need for reputable talent and casting agencies that are different from the rest to fill a void in the market. ITC is a reputable partner with the experience and expertise to assist emerging talent in their career development. It has more than a decade of experience in the advertising, film, and television industries and has established partnerships with media.

The mission of ITC is to be able to supply talent for any request, no matter how large or small, for any kind of production and to keep a diverse clientele that includes people of all ages, ethnicities, genders, identities, and disabilities.

San Diego

Ric Militi, Creative Director of InnoVision Showcase Marketing explained that having recently been involved in a worldwide organization with workplaces in Chicago, New York, LA and Houston, he is worn out on seeing San Diego being treated as a below average city for promoting, video creation and showcasing administrations. It is time for San Diego to stand up and tell the world that the city is home to incredible talent and that major corporations should start looking in their own backyard before expanding into other markets.

Everything under the marketing umbrella is provided in-house by InnoVision, which customizes the pricing and scope of each client partnership based on the company’s growth stage. The agency serves clients across the United States and represents brands in a variety of categories, including airports, automobiles, food and beverage, healthcare, soft drinks, casinos, retail, tribal government, economic development, and nonprofits.

About InnoVision Marketing Group

What started out as a way to better serve customers has grown into a distinctive brand. InnoVision Promoting Gathering is a full-administration, broadly perceived organization, with clients the nation over, including Seattle, Los Angeles, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Phoenix, Tampa and Orlando. Everything is done in-house, including branding, creative design, purchasing media, digital advertising, web development and SEO, video production, social advertising and management, public relations, and digital content. The casino, dining, jewelry, healthcare, lifestyle, nonprofit, and other sectors are all represented in their client list.

InnoVision has grown from its humble beginnings ever since it opened in 2012, adding world-class clients like Palomar Health, Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders, Valley View Casino & Hotel, and more. Pretzel Logic Productions, a wholly owned subsidiary of InnoVision, produces cutting-edge commercial and internet films while adhering to storytelling and the brand’s vision. 

At the core of all that they do, InnoVision is focused on maintaining their special culture. No matter what position they hold, team members at InnoVision receive daily support, empowerment, and inspiration. They put in a lot of effort to create an environment where employees can develop and thrive. They always keep in mind that the more content their team is, the better their work is.

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To join the talent roster, please click here.

To learn more about InnoVision Marketing Group, please click here.

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