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On The Table Read, the “Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, meet hosts of The Receipts Podcast, Audrey Indome, Tolani Shoneye and Milena Sanchez.

The Receipts Podcast is the UK-based smash-hit podcast which is set to reach further heights in 2022.

The Receipts Podcast

Keep The Receipts Podcast The Table Read
Keep The Receipts

Receipts is a fun, honest podcast fronted by three trail-blazing women who are willing to talk about
anything and everything.

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The hosts Audrey Indome, Tolani Shoneye and Milena Sanchez have become trusted voices in modern conversations due to their relatable tone and personable nature. From relationships and everyday life experiences to race and religion, listeners can expect unadulterated girl talk with no filter.

Since its launch in 2016, Audrey, Tolani and Milena’s podcast has stormed up the podcast charts with over 100,000 weekly listeners on Spotify across 71 countries.

The Receipts Podcast won Best Podcast at the Urban Music Awards 2020 and has been nominated for several awards, including best Sex and Relationship Podcast at the Podcast Awards in 2019.

In Spring ’19 they signed an exclusive deal with leading streaming platform Spotify and went on to complete 20 sell out tour dates of their live show, including a run of performances at the London Palladium.

Keep The Receipts

Their debut book, Keep The Receipts, was released in July ’21 and became an immediate Sunday Times bestseller sitting at number 4 in the charts.

Keep The Receipts shares their different approaches to love, their wise advice on building strong friendships, honest conversations about sex, and how to enjoy life as a Black woman or a woman of colour.

This book is a celebration of the wonderful messes, mistakes, successes, highs, and lows of three audacious women who are still trying to get it right while living their best lives. The paperback edition is released on 14th April ’2

Audrey Indome, Tolani Shoneye and Milena Sanchez, Keep The Receipts Podcast, on The Table Read
Audrey Indome, Tolani Shoneye and Milena Sanchez

Audrey Indome, Tolani Shoneye and Milena Sanchez

Described as the sisters you wish you had, Audrey, Tolani and Milena are a force to be reckoned with. They have had multiple TV appearances including ITV2’s Don’t Hate The Playaz, BBC3’s The Rap Game, Sam and Pete’s E4 Reality Show, Sky’s Dating No Filter and have recently osted a segment on Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast.

Audrey Indome is a natural conversationalist. She is passionate about discussing social issues and is known for her impeccable humour. Audrey has worked as a journalist, radio presenter and hosted the Amazon Prime YouTube series, Talk That Talk.

Tolani Shoneye is a journalist, scriptwriter, and podcaster. She has worked as a freelance beauty and lifestyle writer for various publications, developed scripts for TV and hosts Netflix’s podcast: 10/10 Would Recommend. She is quick-witted, funny and a trusted voice for women nationwide.

Milena Sanchez is a talented singer, songwriter, and proud Mother. Best known as the sex-positive and big-hearted member of The Receipts Podcast, Milena isn’t afraid to discuss taboo subjects and often shares her personal experiences in the hope of helping others. She is passionate and open when it comes to love and hardships and made her literary debut last year, alongside Tolani and Audrey.

This female trio have created an unfiltered space and community for women to speak honestly about dating, love, race, culture and feeling empowered in your own skin. With a colossal and loyal following, Audrey Indome, Tolani Shoneye and Milena Sanchez – authors, broadcasters, businesswomen, and true game-changers, really are ones to watch.

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