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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in satirical novel, The House by Richard Jones head waiter, Bill, shares the life of a trader in the 1980s, when brokers and jobbers were trading face-to-face, with laddish behaviour in pinstripe suits.

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In The House, Richard Jones delights with his satirical recounting of life on the trading floor in the 1980’s heyday of the Stock Exchange, as head waiter Bill acts as the conduit to share the hustle and bustle synonymous with the world of trading. Through his story, Jones recounts fictionalised events and characters that made up his working life during his twenty-year career in The City with stories and events which bring colour and life to the rich tapestry of the trading floor as it once was.

The House is the story about one momentous day in the life of the London Stock Exchange’s trading floor, opening the door on a bygone age when there were brokers and jobbers trading face-to-face.

This is a story of how the oldest and once biggest Stock Market in the world actually worked, aided and abetted by a veritable host of characters and their tales that not only made the “The City” the envy of the financial world, but also gave this author the opportunity to pen this tale of a London life that has long since disappeared. The laddish and chauvinistic behaviour that typified the era play a key role in this often laugh out loud narrative, so readers can’t help but feel sentimental about an environment that once hummed with so much life and vitality has forever been overtaken by number crunching technology.

A hugely entertaining and original ‘back in the day’ debut novel, fans of The House will be pleased to learn that the author has published a second instalment – Bang, Wallop, Crash – with Bill still very much central to City life shenanigans; and that a third volume is on the way.

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Richard Jones

Having spent 20 years in “The City”, mainly during the last two decades of the 20th century, my first-hand knowledge and experience have inspired this fictional account. It also introduces Bill, who then goes onto play a leading role in my second ‘faction’ novel, ‘Bang, Wallop, Crash.”

-Richard Jones

The youngest of three, Richard Jones was born to a Scottish father and an English mother in the Far East. Schooled in Scotland but resident in England, Richard became very independent, by necessity and distance, from a very young age.

His career has included over two decades in “The City”, followed by a plethora of business ventures, to which he has now added “author”.

Outside of family and business interests Richard is a very keen swimmer and racketballer and remains as competitive as possible in both.

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