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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, new album from Jetta, Relax, The House Is On Fire, depicts a comical contradiction of telling yourself everything is ok, even though you know it’s not.

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Relax, The House Is On Fire

Liverpool born and London based artist Jetta has released a visual diary with her self-crafted debut album Relax, The House Is On Fire. Taking listeners deep into her world of controlled chaos, Jetta shares her unparalleled artistic prowess, as she continues to push boundaries, delivering a genre-bending collection of songs with unfiltered self-expression.

Relax, The House Is On Fire depicts a comical contradiction of telling yourself everything is ok, even though you know it’s not. Delivering an oasis in a sea of chaos, the album will make you laugh and cry at the same time, reminding you to hang on in there, keep smiling, and have fun while you watch things fall apart around you. 

This album is an accurate representation of me dealing with not dealing with life; a coping mechanism for not coping, if you will. You could call it denial or acceptance, depends how you choose to look at it really.


The closing song, Call Me When It’s Over, recites a cathartic falling in and out of love. The stunning track features Jetta’s rich, echoing vocals, floating atop her minimalist instrumentation, evoking a celestial and spine-tingling atmosphere.


Jetta on The Table Read Magazine

With over 1.6 billion global streams to her name, to say that Jetta is a DIY artist with laser-sharp vision is a bit of an understatement. The artist writes and produces all her own music from her bedroom studio, shoots her own music videos, and even manages herself – and at the same time has gone gold in America.

Her 90’s leaning throwback single “Livin” was BBC Radio 1 Introducing ‘Track Of The Week,’ BBC 1Xtra ‘Track Of The Week’ and also landed on BBC Radio 6’s A-List playlist. She’s graced across the covers of Notion Magazine and Boyfriend Magazine plus has scored a number of notable press features under her belt including CLASH, Line of Best Fit, The Independent, The Sunday Times and The Observer.  

Marking a pivotal moment in her career, Jetta is set to blaze a trail through the music industry with the release of her highly anticipated debut album, Relax, The House Is On Fire

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