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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Michael Stickler created a publishing and marketing methodology with his company, Leadership Books, offering author and book representation.

Michael Stickler

Michael Stickler on The Table Read
Michael Stickler

Prolific Christian author Michael Stickler spent months meticulously writing his first book and trusted the publisher to sell it. When that didn’t happen, Stickler and his writing mentor, Art Ritter, took a deep dive into the world of publishing. What they found was “a mess,” Stickler said in a recent interview.


“You had some old school publishers still selling the myth that all you had to do is hand off your manuscript and then sit back while the checks rolled in,” Stickler said. “You had some newer publishers offering techy ways to publish digitally, but they took a hefty percentage … lastly, there were the die-hard authors who chose to self-publish and ended up with a garage full of books they couldn’t even give away.”

Leadership Books

Leadership Books on The Table Read
Leadership Books

Stickler and Ritter created their own publishing and marketing methodology to get Stickler’s book into the hands of his audience. And it worked. Stickler sold more than 300,000 copies of that book, and their innovative business model became the basis for Leadership Books, a turnkey publisher that serves the needs of thought leaders and nonfiction authors in the worlds of business, finance and faith.

Leadership Books provides publishing services for those with ideas they want to bring to the world as well as Book and Author Representation services for already published authors in need of more effective marketing strategies.

From helping aspiring authors turn their ideas into book form, to designing the cover and interior, to creating targeted and integrated marketing campaigns, Leadership Books offers a business model that aims to help nonfiction authors extend their reach, sell more books and grow their customer and follower bases.

“We have proven methods for you to reach more of your audience and connect with them in ways traditional, larger publishers can’t and won’t,” Stickler added.

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To learn more, please visit:, or connect with the publisher on Facebook (LeadershipBooksOnline); Twitter (@BooksLeadership); Instagram (leadership.books); or LinkedIn (Mike Stickler).

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