Mazen Saleem Remixes The Sudanese Satchel Music

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Mazen Saleem, also known as DJ Nubian has managed to gain a massive fan following. He is mainly a Sudanese Music Producer who studied in SAE institute Malaysia and got his formal certification in DJ and music production.

Musical Style and Influences

Mazen Saleem Remixes The Sudanese Satchel Music on The Table Read

He is mainly known for creating hybrid melodies as his remixes are a True mix of the east and the west. He also manages to fuse the old and the modern lifestyle into it. He has a massive influence of Michael Jackson on him and this was his key inspiration behind opting for a music career. He listened to a lot of great musicians and the diversity seems to have seeped into him.

He was also quoted as saying, “After having heard several great musicians and developing a taste of my own, it always inspired me to mix two tunes and melodies and create something beautiful out of it. I always look forward to adding Sudanese instruments and middle eastern touch to give my own identity to the remixes I create. This creates an altogether distinct tone that has gone really well with my fans so far.”

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He is not looking to get complacent anytime soon and performs at several clubs and events all across the world. He is currently working on his new project wherein he wants to renew all old Sudanese songs under a local name wish that means
( الحقيبة – Alhaqiba) The satchel.

This type of song started in 1918 In Omdurman is a famous old Sudanese Song well known in Sudan He will be using new instruments and new flavors to the songs and thereby will help the listeners feel the real blend of old and new. this style of music contains Big artists like (Abdel Aziz Mohammed Daoud, Aisha al- Falatiya, – Ahmed Al-Jabiri, Karouma, Muhamad Ahmad surur. and many more. This artistic blend is sure to be a hit among the listeners and he has a lot of hopes with this project.

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