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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Freda Gittos published Messages on Edwardian Postcards, sharing over 160 images from her personal anthology and their private messages.

Messages On Edwardian Postcards

Messages on Edwardian Postcards, written by Freda Gittos and based on the author’s collection of postcards from the Edwardian era (1901– 1910), not only captivates with its visual feast of the Golden Age, but also with the sincere and deeply personal messages that recipients received well over a century ago.

Messages On Edwardian Postcards by Freda Gittos on The Table Read Magazine
Messages On Edwardian Postcards

Freda was inspired by The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady, published in the 1970s. The variety of messages conveyed, ranging from happiness to sadness and everything in between, demonstrates the significance of this form of communication, which has tragically been replaced by texts, emails, and other forms of communication.

Freda's anthology is a well-written, elegant book about a significant, groundbreaking period in history. Messages on Edwardian Postcards is a must-read for anyone interested in the period.

Synopsis Of Messages On Edwardian Postcards

The Edwardian era (1901-1910) was known as the Golden Age and a time of new inventions and machinery. It was during this short period that the first cars, aeroplanes and the telephone were introduced into society.

In this book, we have nostalgic examples of social history depicted on postcards: gold miners in the Forest of Dean, Rose with her ‘rag and bones’ horse-drawn cart, a lady chimney sweep pushing her brushes, and various images, including harvesting, rural crafts and transport. This was also the time of the Art Nouveau movement, and other postcards show the delightful work of the artists Alphonse Mucha and Raphael Kirchner.

The Suffragette campaign dominated the Edwardian era, and included is a photograph of the Suffragettes marching down Cheltenham High Street with banners advertising a meeting at the town hall.

Freda Gittos on The Table Read Magazine
Freda Gittos

The Edwardian era was indeed a ‘Golden Age.’

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Freda Gittos

During the lockdown, 84-year-old Freda Gittos compiled her book. Her first and only book, Messages on Edwardian Postcards, is the result of nearly fifty years as an avid collector and dealer of early postcards.

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Independently published, Messages on Edwardian Postcards is available in paperback (£14.99) and Kindle format (£7.99) on Amazon at and

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