Murder On Autarch 1 Amazing and dark Mash Up Of Dystopian Sci fi and Hard Boiled Noir Detective Fiction

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Reading the first book in the Velera-Exi: Mysteries of the Paradox Planets series – Murder on Autarch 1- in Italian, English or Chinese, the reader finds themselves in 2233, in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk universe.

“A dying planet. A brutal off-world murder. A lonely drug-addicted military investigator might be the key to save humanity”.

Murder On Autarch

Murder On Antarch 1 by Andrea De Magistris and Michele Perni, on The Table Read

Written by Italian authors and lifelong friends, Andrea De Magistris and Michele Perni, best-selling Italian dystopian sci-fi novel, Murder on Autarch 1, is now also translated from the writers’ native tongue into English and Mandarin. Volumes 2 and 3 have been published in Italian and Volume 4 will come out in early 2022!

With a story concept that was originally conceived back in 2003, Murder on Autarch 1 is receiving five-star reviews and critical acclaim for its well-developed characterisation.

Bringing the reader up close and personal with space exploration, murder, investigative mysteries, unexpected plot twists and a romantic anti-hero, “Murder on Autarch 1” is a must-read for all fans of dystopian and sci-fi literature and will especially appeal to fans of Asimov, Orwell and Philip K. Dick.

Accomplished and unputdownable, this book and series, bears all the hallmarks of a sci-fi classic.


Frank Harden is a talented investigator, but also a disillusioned loner and drug addict. His life is set to change when a brutal murder takes place in Sector 3 of Autarch City, the main off-world settlement of the Velera-Exi Belt – the last refuge of a dying race.

Persuading Raymond Purdis, his boss and something of a father figure, to give him the job, this case inspires Frank with a new purpose in life. He starts to ask questions, but he soon discovers that the motive behind the murder is dark and mysterious. An impenetrable web of lies conceals a terrible truth. If left unsolved, this mystery might mean the end for humanity.

Murder on Autarch 1 is the first novel of a Sci-Fi dystopian series that features space exploration, murder, investigative mysteries, unexpected plot twists and a romantic anti-hero. If you liked Isaac Asimov’s “The Caves of Steel,” Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” and George Orwell’s “1984” then you will love this brand-new Cyber-Noir Technothriller adventure by Andrea De Magistris & Michele Perni.

About The Authors:

Murder On Antarch 1 by Andrea De Magistris and Michele Perni, on The Table Read

Andrea is a published horror and thriller author from Rome (Italy), Michele is a neuroscientist living in Cambridge (UK).

The authors say: “The Velera-Exi: mysteries of the paradox planets Saga is not only a visionary sci-fi tale, it is also (and most importantly) a story of a life-long friendship. We have been friends for 30 years. Since we can remember, we used to play creating our own original Universes, writing our stories on dusty notebooks and sketching our characters.”

“The idea for the “Velera-Exi: Mysteries of the Paradox Planets” saga became a reality in 2003, in a country house in southern Italy.

“Our dream was to create an original science fiction story that would also tackle some of the most important themes of our modern society, including pollution, corruption, religious belief, AI and space exploration. The story grew from there, expanding into a much broader work”.

“In 2019, almost two decades after our first sketch in a notebook, we decided that the script was finally completed, and our saga had a proper conclusion.”

Amazon readers say:

“I approached this book as a great lover of the science fiction and noir genre, and to be honest I didn’t expect anything more than a simple entertainment book. But against all odds I found myself in front of an exciting novel, with really well written characters, an engaging plot, and a really crazy world building… I recommend it to everyone, lovers of the genre and not!”– Alex – reviewed on Amazon Italy

“Fans of the science fiction – detective genre will love this story. Fast pace and continuous twists make reading this book really attractive. Waiting for the next chapter…”   Matt123– reviewed on Amazon Italy

Murder On Antarch 1 by Andrea De Magistris and Michele Perni, on The Table Read

“As the long subtitle suggests, this is an unusual mash-up of dystopian sci-fi and hard-boiled noir detective fiction. (Take Phillip Marlowe and set him in a merciless future. Also, make him a drug addict.)

What I did not expect was the deep, deep analysis of angst-ridden characters. This may be a European style/sensibility, as the novel is translated from the Italian. It reminded me of French New Wave crime cinema from the 1960s. (Replace Phillip Marlowe with Jean-Paul Belmondo, perhaps?)

Blend all of this with a well-wrought police procedural, set in a space civilization that is unique, mysterious, and intriguing.

Recommended, especially for science fiction cognoscenti.”– JA Massa -reviewed on Amazon USA

Where to read it:

Independently published, Vol. 1 – Murder on Autarch 1 – is available on Amazon for Kindle (Free) and in paperback (14.99 EUR):

English –

Chinese – (0.99 EUR)

Other Italian volumes can be downloaded at the following links:

Vol. 1 –

Vol. 2- EUR)

Vol. 3 – EUR)

Find More From Andrea De Magistris and Michele Perni:

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