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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Alex Peart-Johnson’s My Pug Turned Into A Potato sees crisp addicted dog Oxford turned into a potato when Evie takes him to visit a crisp factory.

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My Pug Turned Into A Potato

Published on 12th March 2024, My Pug Turned Into A Potato is a fantastically funny illustrated chapter book for ages 7-10, destined to be the most popular children’s book of the year.

My Pug Turned Into A Potato By Alex Peart Johnson on The Table Read Magazine
My Pug Turned Into A Potato By Alex Peart Johnson

With simple language and properly funny, quirky pantomime humour, the tale of a crisp-eating dog, Oxford, is as accessible as possible, and especially to those older readers with lower reading ages.

Evie’s pet pug, Oxford, has a serious problem: he’s addicted to crisps! So, when Evie wins an all-expenses-paid tour of the local crisp factory, it seems all of Oxford’s dreams have come true… until poor Oxford is turned into a potato!

With the fate of all pugs and potatoes at stake, can Evie save her poor PUG-TATO before it’s too late?

Working as a children’s ghost-writer with thousands of narratives completed for clients, Alex Peart-Johnson is hugely aware of the distinction of having a great idea and turning it into a compelling book. And to this end, My Pug Turned Into A Potato delivers a fast-paced tale with no long-winded or boggy descriptions (the death knell for all those for whom reading doesn’t come easy).

As well as being a standout book with belly-laughs-for-all, included is a free digital comprehension questions, activities and colouring pack with every copy of the book; a touch that will endear this Alex Peart-Johnson to parents and teachers across the land.

Alex Peart-Johnson

At my son’s secondary school, we found out they were struggling to find appropriate reading for older learners with a lower reading ability. Older books are too complex and younger books are too condescending. So, I’ve written something to fill that gap!

-Alex Peart-Johnson

Seasoned storyteller Alex Peart-Johnson serves as the Creative Director and Head Ghostwriter at The Stardust Experience, the UK’s leading children’s ghost-writing service. 

Alex’s journey began with a passion for the work of Roald Dahl, having read every Dahl book multiple times by the time he was ten. Alex was also obsessed with sketch comedy and sitcoms and initially trained to be an actor. It was from here that his career took a side-step, and he spent over ten years writing scripts and music for theatre productions, films and musicals at a children’s theatre company. 

When that chapter came to a close, Alex and his wife, Zoe, co-founded The Stardust Experience — an innovative writing service catering to individuals with brilliant children’s book ideas but lacking the expertise to bring them to life.

Recognising the distinction between having a great idea and crafting a compelling book, Alex and his team have successfully ghostwritten over 2,000 projects.

Specialising in silly, fast-moving stories, Alex embraces a style that injects a bit of anarchy into modern storytelling. He also has ADHD — which he credits for his need to keep stories moving quickly and imaginatively.

Alex lives just outside of Birmingham, England, with his wife, son, seven cats, five (or six) fish and a silly little pug called Mrs Hudson.

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