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On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, author Duncan Clarke shares his new book release, The Last Rhodesians.

The Last Rhodesians by Duncan Clarke, painted by Rhodesian artist Clive Kay, on The Table Read
The Last Rhodesians by Duncan Clarke, painted by Rhodesian artist Clive Kay

Royal Sable Publishing is pleased to announce release of its book, The Last Rhodesians: Society Adrift, by Duncan Clarke, author of Rhodes’ Ghost: The Conquest of Zambesia 2020, available on Amazon worldwide, and distributed in First Edition in South Africa by Protea Books.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

The Last Rhodesians

An evolutionary saga, The Last Rhodesians is the definitive insight on this culture’s origins, identity, and imprint in Africa. Then 16 years of war led to the demise, sunset, and ‘fall’ of Rhodesia. Negotiations ended the state in 1979: but Rhodesians ‘never died’.

The war was fought in numerous bush battles, across adjacent states, in espionage, sanctions-busting, for rural hearts and minds, and in covert diplomacy. Fault lines in history, with Cold War powers in Moscow and Peking – and East Bloc belligerents, ethno-nationalist armies, and Western interests – coalesced in revolutionary war.

This multi-ethnic society – tagged ‘the jewel of Africa’ – bequeathed an inheritance that Zimbabwe squandered. Its inheritors crafted a failing state beset by genocide, economic regression, and social malaise. Yet its economic bedrock of 90 years, hidden or unacknowledged, still exists. Zimbabwe was birthed from those legacies.

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Cultural Imprints

Literature, art, poetry, icons, images, symbols, lingua franca and cyber-Rhodesiana sustain this social identity worldwide. The Last Rhodesians provides critical review of this culture’s imprints as seen by eminent authors, historians, novelists, journalists, thinkers, politicians, soldiers, troopies, spies, diplomats, poets, satirists, academics, cartoonists, economists, ‘Rhodies’, ‘Whenwes’, and foreign critics – in hundreds of works, fiction and non-fiction, documentaries, music and film, about Africa’s ‘white tribe’ of ‘scatterlings’, now found in 60 countries. Those remaining are under 5 per cent of Rhodesians worldwide, 0.07 per cent of Zimbabwe’s populace. Fifty years of Rhodesian exoduses marked this ‘disappearance’.

Duncan Clarke on The Table Read
Duncan Clarke

The ‘House of Stone’, the inheritor state, remains. After its false dawn, the ‘jungle grew back’, leaving an imperfect future for all.

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About Duncan Clarke

Duncan Clarke was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia (Harare, Zimbabwe) in 1948. His published works include Rhodes’ Ghost: The Conquest of Zambesia (2020) – see; Africa’s Future: Darkness to Destiny (Profile Books, 2012); Africa: Crude Continent (Profile Books, 2010); and Three Decades in the Long Grass, (2014). The author’s 50 years of writings on Zambesia, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Africa, and the world are found on

Contact: Duncan Clarke at

© Duncan Clarke, 2022 – Softback.ISBN 9798437536322

The Cover Image is from the original painting by Clive Kay, the Rhodesian artist now based in Canada, whose works can be found at

The Last Rhodesians: Society Adrift

Amazon: Last-Rhodesians-Society-Adrift

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