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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Dudley Price’s LOADER: SETI Man, spy Matthew Loader meets neuro-scientist Susan Newby and her husband George, who believes he is in touch with aliens.

LOADER: SETI Man by Dudley Price on The Table Read Magazine
LOADER: SETI Man by Dudley Price


Dudley Price’s standout and gripping novel, LOADER: SETI Man, keeps the adrenaline pumping and readers hoping that love conquers all, perfect for anyone who believe in alternative life forces and are concerned about global unrest.

Matthew Loader is an MI5 agent, working as a reporter for the Daily Telegraph covering the incursions of Russia into UK air and sea territorial space.

Neuroscientist Susan Newby is convinced that the human brain has a second, deeper incarnation, and her husband, George, in his twenty-year astronomy quest for extra-terrestrial life, believes he is in touch with aliens. Susan is possessed by supernatural energy and left in a coma, but she does recover, Loader comes into their lives to cover their story for his newspaper. However, George is poisoned, and killed, by Russian agents trying to extract information about his project.

When Loader realises his love for Susan, he becomes paralysed during a Russian inspired terrorist attack. Susan’s love for Loader will surmount his disability, – or will it?

Dudley Price on The Table Read Magazine
Dudley Price

The psyche of these two people, brought together by a bond of love, culminates in an alien event as the power of their minds must deal with horrors of a terrorist incident.

Loader is an intelligent and vulnerable Protagonist with a moral code that sees him operate outside the law, but always with a sense of integrity, similar to the ever popular Jack Ryan. And if you believe that alien intelligence could exist, that the human brain has more secrets to impart, and are a sucker for a compelling love story: this is the book for you.

Dudley Price

I have always been fascinated by the immensity and mysteries of the universe, and, at the other end of the scale – the amazing human psyche. Somewhere, the two come together, there are more questions than answers.

-Dudley Price

Dudley Price is a retired Aerospace engineer, having had a career spent in the Army, NATO; MBB; and Bae. Dudley has a deep belief in the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence and the infinity of space. He is also concerned regarding the lack of harmony in the world.

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