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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Pallavi Parihar’s Because Real Life Doesn’t  Rhyme is a reflective poetry anthology that helps to make sense of our innermost thoughts and emotions.

Poetry Anthology

Using her expertise as a chartered psychologist to underpin the resonance of her poetry, Pallavi Parihar’s Because Real Life Doesn’t Rhyme connects with readers looking to make sense of their innermost feelings, and offers a lyrical balm for life’s overwhelming moments.

Because Real Life Doesn't Rhyme by Pallavi Parihar on The Table Read
Because Real Life Doesn’t Rhyme

This slim anthology may run to just 54 pages, but in its brevity, the author makes every word count, exemplifying that on occasions less is definitely more.

Articulate and an expressive response to many of life’s turbulent occasions, the purchase of Because Real Life Doesn’t Rhyme should be considered an investment in wellbeing; and like a lingering soak in the tub, refreshes and provides that much needed chance to reflect.

Because Real Life Doesn’t Rhyme

There’s a beauty in a poem’s ability to truly capture the essence of what we think and feel, which our everyday life can seemingly fall short of. Sometimes, it is in reading a beautifully penned rhyme that we can suddenly understand our innermost workings, stirring-up an emotion we did not know we were capable of feeling. And sometimes it allows us to connect, realising that what we feel is shared; allowing us to feel seen, heard, and understood by another. Real life may not rhyme, but in this book you will find a humble reflection of our often tumultuous emotions in lyrical form.

Pallavi Parihar on The Table Read
Pallavi Parihar

Pallavi Parihar

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“From love and joy, to fear and anger, each poem endeavours to encapsulate my innermost feelings on the page in a way which endear and resonate with the reader. I hope that in reading these poems, you are able to go on an enjoyably emotional, and hopefully at times thought-provoking, journey with me.”

Pallavi Parihar is a chartered psychologist whose first and truest love has always been literature. Having always valued and been in touch with her internal world, Pallavi has used the art of writing poems to help her represent, and channel, the ever-changing emotional landscape of how she engages with and experiences the world around her.

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