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On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, new thriller, Angel Town by author Fiona Cane, takes the reader deep inside the machinations of the fictitious doomsday cult, The Guardians of God.

The sixth novel published by Fiona Cane; Angel Town is perhaps her best yet.

Angel Town

Thought provoking and with protagonists who arouse readers’ curiosity from the outset, Angel Town is a clever, character-driven thriller that keeps you guessing till its very last page. Themes include brainwashing, isolation, activism and depression, but this perceptive novel’s true stand-out is in how the author captures the omnipresent fear that lurks below the surface in her three main protagonists, highlighting the power wielded by self-styled saviours in their role as cult leader.

Angel Town by Fiona Cane on The Table Read
Angel Town

Intelligent, entertaining and eerily authentic, Angel Town is suspenseful and very hard to put down. It also showcases how readily those searching for something ‘more’ can be manipulated and beguiled by those promising Utopia.

Writing across a range of genres, Fiona Cane is a novelist who never disappoints and leaves the reader consistently hungry for her next offering.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

Doomsday Cult

What if you were born into a doomsday cult and knew nothing of the outside world? What if everything you’d been told was a lie?

The clock is ticking …

Wayward teenager, Lola, is stunned when, out of the blue, she is summoned by her leader. Oblivious to the resentment her promotion has whipped up and determined to shine, she enters Michael’s inner sanctum.

Single mother and activist, Donna’s search for her son takes her from Brighton to Edenville, a once-peaceful commune in the Colorado desert. Trouble is brewing. The guards on the gate are armed. No one can leave; no visitors allowed.

But who is Michael? And what exactly is his agenda?

As the line between what’s true and what is not grows increasingly blurred, time is fast running out…

Fiona Cane

Fiona Cane on The Table Read
Fiona Cane

“I was a teenager in the eighties and wanted to travel the world, but my mother wouldn’t allow it. She was concerned that I might fall in love and join a cult. ‘It’s what girls did in those days,’ she is fond of telling me. She had a point, cults such as The People’s Temple, The Branch Davidians, The Children of God, and The Bagwan Shree Rajneesh, were grabbing global headlines at the time.  But having read Philosophy at university, where my religious beliefs were actively drummed out of me, I was convinced I would never be taken in by the nonsense spouted by a superficially charming person and give up everything – family, wealth, possessions – to blindly follow. However, during my research I discovered that, under the right conditions, there are plenty of sane, intelligent people who do.  No one, it seems, is immune.”

Born and educated in Sussex, Fiona Cane graduated from Exeter University with a degree in philosophy. She worked in London in film, TV and entertainment PR, before moving back to Sussex with her husband and young family. When she wasn’t coaching tennis or looking after her two children, she would be working on her latest novel.

She says: “I’m unusual in that I write across several genres mystery, cosy mystery, psychological
thriller, literary thriller and coming of age – but the one thing my books have in common is that they will keep you turning the page. I have written five other books: the mystery, A Song Unsung (2021); the literary
thriller, The Other Side of the Mountain; the cosy mystery, A Push Too Far, the psychological thriller, When the Dove Cried; and the mystery Killing Fame.”

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Angel Town(ISBN: 978-1-7396669-0-3)is published in paperback (£9.99) on 16th June 2022 by Caracol Books and is available in Kindle format to pre-order (£3.99) on Amazon at Angel Town

Twitter: @FionaCaneWrites

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