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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, tech thriller, BrainGame by John Donnelly, explores the chilling impact on society of sharing out unfiltered, absolute truths.


BrainGame by John Donnelly on The Table Read

Intriguing tech thriller, set in the mid 21st century, BrainGame by John Donnelly, is rooted in the non-fiction reality that, as social animals, we spend our lives filtering out the inappropriate thoughts in our heads when we are communicating with our fellow human beings. However, when two neuro-technology scientists, Lukas Hoffman and Richard Stewart, develop highly innovative products involving person-to-person neurological access products take the world by storm, everything changes.

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One of their creations allows users to read another person’s mind via a neuro-technological-to-cerebrum interface. It is enthusiastically adopted by the country’s law enforcement agencies where it pays dividends in obtaining absolute truths from suspects, previously unable to be acquired by using the traditional lie-detector method.

When a hostile, foreign administration gets its hands on the software, it proceeds to infiltrate the world’s major cell phone manufacturers and, surreptitiously, download the application to all new mobile phones destined for the UK market. The intention is to compromise the social fabric of the British nation. The ensuing chaos threatens to bring society to a standstill and requires it to invent a revised, future blueprint to establish a new cultural model able to withstand the upheaval caused by the flaws in the old social system.

John Donnelly on The Table Read
John Donnelly

John Donnelly

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This stand out first novel keeps readers transfixed, whilst simultaneously sending a chill down the spine as its contents feel uneasily plausible. With a fast paced, descriptive and character laden plot, BrainGame showcases John Donnelly’s knowledge of his subject matter, as the innocuous mobile phone becoming the catalyst for bringing UK society as we know it to its knees

John Donnelly is a retired company director.  Having published a number of books previously, BrainGame is his first novel.

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Published by Optimus, BrainGame is available in paperback (£8.99) and imminently in Kindle format.

It is also available from all major book retailers

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