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On The Table Read Magazine “the best book magazine in the UK“, In his memoir, Jade And A Little Mix Of My Films, Garry Moore shares stories of trying to make his name in the film industry and making a movie starring Jade Thirlwall.

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Jade And A Little Mix Of My Films

New memoir, Jade And A Little Mix Of My Films by Garry Moore, details his determination to break into the film business, juxtaposing his ambition, determination and drive against the cronyism and scurrilous behaviour that greeted him when starting out.

For fans of Jade Thirlwall and Little Mix, Garry Moore’s book will also intrigue with the never before released photos of Jade, aged 15, on set on Garry’s film ‘Skin’, which she starred in long before she was a pop phenomenon.

Long before Jade Thirlwall became an international mega star with Little Mix, she was an aspiring actress. However, she only ever made one film. In 2007 at the age of 14 when Jade was suffering from anorexia, she was cast as the lead in a short 15-minute film called Skin, written and directed by Garry Moore. In Garry’s exclusive memoir, discover how Jade and Garry came to make the film with behind-the-scenes insights from Garry and some of the other cast and crew, revealing how they met and funny moments on set never before revealed to the public.

In this fascinating memoir Moore brings to life his experience of trying to break into the cut throat film industry whilst raising three daughters as a single parent. Trying for years to sell his scripts and ideas, teetering on the brink of success with industry producers, encountering cronyism, unscrupulous execs and suffering many rejections. He also exclusively reveals his shocking encounters with a well-known actor and filmmaker who was accused of sexual harassment of many women in the film industry.

With big ups and massive downs in the form of rejections and film executive shenanigans, Garry recounts experiences from his career that includes producing over 40 short films, many of which have been award winning, hours of content for organisations and charities; and the high hopes he has for his debut feature thriller, Melanie’s Grave.

Instantly appealing for those with a passion for filmmaking (and Jade), Jade And A Little Mix of My Films is ultimately a book about however hard it is, always follow your dreams. 

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Garry Moore

Garry Moore is a multi-award-winning writer and film director of over 40 short films. His short film No Honour, No Choice, made for the charity Barnardo’s, was invited to screen at a United Nations LBGTQ conference in India in 2011. He has produced content for Endemol, The National Lottery, Barnardo’s, Age Concern, The BME Network, The Northeast Regional Alcohol Forum and the AV Festival, amongst others.

His debut feature, Melanie’s Grave, is currently being represented by sales agent Adler and Associates Entertainment Inc and is already garnering awards at festivals, having won two Best Film Awards, two Best Producer Awards, Best British Feature at the London Independent Film Awards, and two Best Actress Awards for its star, one of which was for the International World Film Awards.

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